Monday, October 09, 2006

A star is born

I do know the way to San Jose. I am here at a conference. I attended an award ceremony today and won a major award for an ad campaign. It is like the Academy Awards for public transit advertising except no one televises it and no one judges what we wear on the red carpet (thank god).

This is my sixth such award in ten years. One would think I'd be used to the spotlight by now.

I'm not. I like the trophy. But I have never liked people staring at me. It makes me want to shout, "I see dead people" and running. But I went up on stage and accepted my trophy, let them take my photo and left.

Tonight I went to a consultant reception at an adjacent hotel. Unlike the show Entourage, I had no crew to go with me to the reception. I had to suck down drinks, eat prime rib sandwiches and shrimp all alone. But I was fine. I moved around the food station effortlessly because I am a star. I have a trophy.

No one talked to me. I think they were intimidated. Being a star will do that.


Hayden said...

congratulations! I'm confident that it is an honor well deserved. you didn't want to talk to the others anyway, they were too busy sniping and wondering how to out-do you.

Naughti Biscotti said...

Congratulations Tim!!! Can you give us more details regarding the ad that helped you win the award? Maybe show a photo of it when you get home?

Anonymous said...

"No one talked to me. I think they were intimidated. Being a star will do that." Well, speaking as a nobody - we nobodys are totally intimidated by you stars and it is enough for us to just bask in the glow of your radiance. Besides, that award looks sharp so if you were wielding it for all to see it may have been misconstrued as an aggressive gesture.

All kidding aside...congratulations, Tim.

Time said...

Hayden, My sister in business, thank you. I am way ahead of those who would out do me. I think.

Shandi, I will try and post a mp3 of the radio spot when I return to semi reality at home. Thanks.

And Miss Bliss, I left the award in the room and went incognito to the reception. Thanks for the good thoughts though.

Alex Pendragon said...

I see they awarded you an upside down pentagram! I guess my spell worked.......hehe

Congradulations! What did you try and sell us poor suckers anyway?

K. said...


I knew I married into the right family. :)

Time said...

Michael, Let's see, I market public transit. It's a public transit conference. I'd wager a guess that the ad I won an award for was trying to sell people...public transit. Go figure.

Thanks K. I try to be an inspiration to family.

Lights, That's what I'm talking about. This is going to be some sweet lookin bling bling hangin on Fine As Tim Sweentness' fly neck.