Monday, November 04, 2013

The source

Я помітив, багато людей з України, відвідайте тут. Чому? Як ви знаходите мого блогу?

 According to Google, a large number of visitors to my blog are from the Ukraine. And they are finding my blog via Ukrainian sites about caviar and other unrelated topics. I don't mean to look a gift visit in the mouth, but I have a feeling there is some spam trick that the Ukrainian sites are using via search engines to create this phenomenon. Because I have never posted anything about caviar. I don't like caviar. I don't particularly like fish.

I have been blogging long enough to get over the vanity of thinking any traffic is good traffic. I just think Dizgraceland gets lost in translation, especially into Ukrainian. I sometimes think it gets lost in translation in English.

The thing is, I find it hard to believe that my site generates enough interest to trick people into going to other sites. I also can't figure out how it works. I go to the sites that Google tells me people are coming from and there aren't links to my blog.

So, if you are coming here from one of the Ukrainian sites, please, let me know how you got here.


Benignjamin said...

шукав приклади американських помилок ідіот величі матеріалу для комедії рутини клуб.

Helen Baggott said...


I'm out.