Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dark wings

I'm feeling a bit lugubrious (yes, there is that word again) about my blogging of late. My flights of fancy seem to all be taking a dark turn. Maybe it is the time of year. Fall always has me flirting with melancholy.

It's not even that I feel like I'm in a rut when it comes topics for my posts. Making something out of nothing is my speciality. I'm just wondering if nothing is enough.

I'm beginning to feel like my friend Gunter. But at least he has his lack of command of the English language to blame his incomprehensibility on. I'm beginning to think all I can blame mine on is being obtuse.

My essay on how Leon Spinks is not really the legendary Sphinx of Thebes fell flatter than the Sphinx did when it threw itself off the wall when Oedipus answered its riddle. Shoot, I even have michael suggesting I have Lights rewrite my Dr. Zeus poetry and Kristy correcting my grammar. How can you get much lower than that?

I suppose I should just call it quits. I should board up Dizgraceland and fire all of the servants. I should slink off into the electronic ether of the Internet and fade away like the rest of the shadows. It would be just as though I'd written everything here in the sand. If I walked away the waves would come and within minutes there would be no sign that I'd ever been here.

But that's life.

I told you I was feeling lugubrious.


Alex Pendragon said...

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Oh, you think everything you post is going to be oscar material? Welcome to the club, my friend. 98% of everything you have ever written has been the stuff legends are made of, blogwise. You humble me, well, at least half the time. I want to resemble you when I grow up. if only so I can deny BEING you should that become unfashionable. As far as that sphinx post, well, half if us didn't quite get it, many of us misinterpreted it, and the rest didn't play along as well as they could have. Hell, I've had people focus in on one sentence in the whole post that was actually inconsequencial to the main subject, creating a sparrow out of the ashes of the pheonix, and that can be aggravating, I know.
Look, nothing has a hard row to till, and it is up to us, you, me, and other screwballs to give nothing the credit it never gets. Sometimes something is so overwealming many of us have to avoid it or we'll head off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings. Without nothing, where would we be? NOWHERE! And somewhere, anywhere, is sometimes a better place to be, even if it means nothing.
Now get back to work, Tim, we need you.

Oh, and sorry if I made you scroll. Get over it.

Damn, I wasted this on a comment? I coulda made a half assed good post with it.....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

As a new reader to your blog I thought it sort of appropriate for me to respond to this particular entry. I have not been with you since your inception, so mention of the change of mood or tone in your postings falls on deaf ears with me. All I know is what I have read thus far and what I have read thus far has been - brilliant. To some, brilliant just means genius, but brilliant to me means "full of light and shining." Anyone who sees life the way you do could never be accused of being lugubrious.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but your opinion emanates in an open-minded and find the humor in dark places kind of way. You don't point fingers and you don't raise your hand - you let others choose for themselves and you do it with a talent of wordplay and a gift for the whimsical. Afterall, life is not all doom and gloom and it is meant to be teased like a brother with nuggies in a headlock and a "made you look" punch in the arm. Anyone can stand on a blogbox and shout their opinion to the world, but you need not even elevate yourself by that small pedestal - all you need to do is be yourself and write what you write best.

I say keep writing and f*ck 'em all.

Anonymous said...

I've been here almost the entire time and have seen your blog develop and change into what it is now. You have developed a style that is so YOU. I could probably recognize your writing style even if there were no photoshopped images of you at the top to tip me off. But... I love the photoshop so I hope you never stop.

I'm sorry that I didn't post a comment on the sphinx post. I kept meaning to come back but you posted something new before I could. It doesn't mean that it fell flat. It's timing most usually.

I have spent a great deal of time on a post, agonizing over the wording, trying to refine it to perfection. Then, I'll post it... and nothing happens. No one responds. However, I'll get the most attention on a frothy post that I whipped out with absolutely no thought (frothy/whipped haa haaa get it?). Go figure! You never know what is going to be received well.

I'm tell'n ya, forget the correct spelling and grammar. Don't worry about content. Post a photo of you in a tutu and you'll get plenty of response. I dare ya!!!

You're writing kicks ass Tim. You don't need us to tell you that. YOU KNOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Lugubrious? For God’s sake man, you’re speaking in tongues!

I should warn you if you were to ever pull the fine metaphoric text contained within the walls of your blog I would woogey woogey your hind end so hard. You are a part of the very small bit of good reading I get underground. Go get some popcorn, kick back with a bit of Hasselhof, have a Poe Week and you’ll be good as new.

Though this comment is a bit short, I hope you feel special. I'm on comment restriction until my new meds arrive.

Hayden said...

well after I read the story of the Sphinx I was GOING to urge you on to retell the story of Antigone, but I was so Tire (s) i's that I couldn't remember the bimbos name.

Anonymous said...

Antigone, nothing; you should write about Medea.

And some men consider it an honor to have me correct their grammar--not a low point.

Note: The men mentioned above are mostly imaginary.

Time said...

First, thank you all (except for maybe Kristy) for your kind words and putting up with my lugubrious fit of self-pity.

Michael, nothing isn't lost on you. Thanks.

Miss Bliss, Thanks for appreciating the punch in the arm.

Shandi, Thanks for always being there through froth and thin. But I'll have to think about the tutu idea.

Mickey, I will not risk the woogey woogey of my behind, as fun as that sounds. Thanks for shedding light from the underground my friend.

Hayden, That's Greek to me (and I'm not touching Tiresias).

Kristy....hmmm....I have no response to that.

Hayden said...

well, as Oedipus' daughter, I still think that Antigone has right of place over Medea. Medea is a story one could sink their teeth into though...

Time said...

Lights, Let's not go dissing Leon because you are mad at me. It's not his fault you don't know your geography.

Hayden, I think we need to move on from the Greek mythology. The Dizgraceland audience is not really ready for it.

R. said...

'Tis the season. My wife bought me a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light box that uses an array of blue LEDs. You put it on your nightstand and set its timer to turn on in the morning when you wake up. Then you lay under it for about 15 minutes or so while trying to avoid burning afterimages of high intensity LEDs into your retinas. The claim is that it keeps your body clock better adjusted during the long dark winter months and staves off the blues.

I'm going to have to pull that out shortly. Six months of winter. Ugh.