Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sheik Tim Flash

At the suggestion of my nephew R. and the prompting of Shandi, I am trying out a new look for me that helps remedy my issues with wearing hats. In the process of finding my new look, I discovered a site -- -- where you can "Pimpify" your name and come up with your very own player nickname.

Here are some of the possibilities the generator came up for me:

Dopetastic T. Large
Silicon Slick T. Ice
Fine Ass Tim Sweetness
Pimp Daddy Tim Gates
Sticky Fingers T. Flow
Papa Tim Shmoove

I'm kind of partial to Fine Ass Tim Sweetness, but I'm open to other opinions about which name you think suits me best.

Oh, and "Don't Player Hate, Player Appreciate." Here's where you can pimpify your own name:
Get your pimp name.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go back to wearing dresses.

Time said...

Don't hate, appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Not hating, just focusing on your strengths.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to Fine Ass Tim Sweetness - it gives you a hard edge while still retaining your sensitive side. But, then again, what would I know? My name's Tricktickler M. Shizzle...I sound like a pimpafied porn star.

Time said...

Iridethebus, I find it disturbing that you like to see photos of me in a dress. This isn't that kind of blog.

Tricktickler M. Shizzle, that is a fine name.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim you make one mighty fine pimp. The look really suits you. I like "Fine Ass Tim Sweetness" as well.

Thanks for doing this. I laughed my ass off.


Time said...

Sugarstick! That's what I'm talking about. Thanks for appreciatin' and not hatin' :)

Alex Pendragon said...

Greetings Earth Player Pimp bling things, we of the planet Zargoth have received your communiques and are attempting to translate them now. All we can surmise so far is that you have an affinity for funny head dresses and velvet. We are trying to reconcile this with the advanced technology you have utilized to transmit these images and hope eventually to understand the disconnect. We are now outfitting our trade fleets with velvet hats in case this is the trade items you wish in return for whatever might be of value you wish to trade. Peace, and may the shizel be with you. End transmission.

Hayden said...

Diamondtrim Hayden Kicks here, saying this post be mighty fine...

Time said...

Cherish, are you saying Toby Keith looks like a pimp? :)

THE Michael, Resistance is futile.

Dimondtrim Hayden Kicks, Yo mama...word...peace!

JP (mom) said...

What a fun post! Love the pics!

I pimped Jane Poe & came up with some favs!

Sweet Chocolate Poe Flava
Funk Master Jane Beautiful
Sticky Fingers Jane Shizzle

Time said...

Lights, As the three stooges would say, "Wise Guy Eh?"

JanePoe, Funk Master Jane Beautiful is very poetic. The whole thing has a cathartic side to it, doesn't it?

darlingina said...

Loved this post Tim. And cherish is right, you do look like Toby Keith in that first pic. Thanks for the giggle.
"Suede gina Smooth"

Time said...

Suede Gina Smooth...I expect to see that on your blog in the future!

Anonymous said...

Tim, fun link. I'm not sure about my name though: Dr. Deacon Kristy Squeeze. Call me Deacon Blue for short, I guess.

Time said...

On the contrary, I think Dr. Deacon Kristy Squeeze suits you. It may not be wise to use it on a resume if you are thinking of more law enforcement jobs, however.