Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Looking at clouds from both sides now

Why is the natural impulse to look up when we are thinking about a higher power? Why do Christians believe heaven is in the clouds? Hasn't space exploration debunked that theory?

Still, I like to look into the sky. I like clouds. I've never been really good at seeing things in them like bunnies and Bob Hope or anything like that. I don't see rows and flows of angel hair, or ice cream castles in the air. I don't even see feather canyons everywhere. I just see clouds. I find this odd, because I'm not a very literal person. I should see things in the clouds.

When I was a kid, I would lie on my bed staring at the texture stuff on the ceiling and see faces and alien creatures. The tiles in our bathroom looked like lions. In my old house, I could see whales and walruses in the knotty pine paneling of my bedroom. But I can't see shit in clouds but clouds.

But I think clouds are beautiful just being clouds. I like to look at them from both sides. I like laying on the ground, and watch them roll over me. And I like sitting in an airplane and watch them roll under me. I wish you could really walk on clouds or lie on them the way they do in cartoons.

I like the way clouds show emotions. They can be friendly, fluffy and white. Or they can be angry, dark and ominous. They are unpredictable drifters who can crash a party or ruin a picnic. They can frame beautiful scenery or drop the curtain on it.

But even though I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down, still...somehow... I really don't know clouds at all.


JP (mom) said...

Is someone having a little existential angst these days? *grin* usual, your writing is prosaic and prolific!

Well done that! Cheers, JP

Alex Pendragon said...

Islands in the sky, that's what I see. Sometimes they seem so intensely white and solid you could climb them like mountains. Majestic and awe-inspiring, fluffy like marshmellows, so beautiful to see in a bright blue sky. And then the bastards turn around and dump grapefruit sized chunks of ice on outdoor picnics, killing and injuring people and destroying cars. Yes, clouds can be two sided, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I like the way they make their way into our daily speech - "He's got his head in the clouds." or "She's got cloudy judgement."

Most recently I wrote an old friend an e-mail that said, "I have a dream that one day we can meet on a cloud, be alone for like days, have some beers and a couple of shots of Tequila..."

Clouds give me the impression that they are somehow a safe haven - a place to chill. I realize that they let go their baggage from time to time, but so do we humans and we are forgiven.

So, after all this digression, I guess I do see things in the clouds...I see just another pub in the sky.

Hayden said...

quite an elaborate set-up for a closing line. ;-)

Time said...

Thanks JanePoe, As a fellow Pacific Northwester, I figured you would appreciate a bit of cloud bashing (which literally is a futile act unless you are the Norse God Thor) :)

THE Michael,
I think you are referring to Islands in the Stream and that is a totally different duet sang by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. But your point is still well taken.

Miss Bliss,
Don't forget Cloud Nine or Clouds in my Coffee. Cheers!

Moons and Junes, I was feeling proud of that setup.:)

Alex Pendragon said...

No, Tim, I WAS referring to "islands in the sky", and I wasn't quoting someone else. Some of us are actually capable of coming up with something on our own, although I'm sure someone coined that phrase long before I did. Like I mentioned awhile back, precious little I come up with is original, even though my own brain might think so.

Alex Pendragon said...

Oh, and you get five demerits for putting that damn tune in my head. It's probably gonna take me all damn day to get rid of it!

Time said...

THE Michael, THE Michael,THE Michael...I know that you didn't really mean to quote Dolly Parton. I was just yanking your chain. It is a ponderous chain. Just remember, however, no man is an island. And if a cloud is an island, then no cloud is a man. It's all just dust in the wind.

Naughti Biscotti said...

I guess it wouldnt surprise you to know that I do see images in clouds. I love looking at clouds when I'm flying. They look like big buttery bowls full of popcorn.

Time said...

Shandi, Of course I would expect you to see things in the clouds. I applaud you for seeing buttered popcorn. It also indicates you are too young to have a cholesteral problem. :)

Time said...

Cherish, that is a nice way of looking at clouds. Today in Seattle whoever painted them just used gray, however.

Time said...

This was always my intention with this post. I'm glad I could serve as your go between to rediscovering the Go Betweens.

Naughti Biscotti said...

Tim, it also means that I have braces and haven't gone near popcorn in 9 months. Cholesterol shmesterol!!

Time said...

Shandi, I'm sorry. I had popcorn last night and it was delicious.
P.S. I take Crestor.

darlingina said...

giggles... what will You think of next that will me make me stop and think. I Love clouds too and always look for "things" in them. :o)
Hugs, ~gina~