Thursday, November 16, 2006

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Apparently George Clooney has stolen my place on the cover of People Magazine as the world's most sexy man again. This confirms my theory that there is no god.

Who votes on this? The staff of People Magazine? And that qualifies them how to declare anyone the most sexy man in the world?

Reality check: These are people working for People Magazine, people. They are barely more credible than the staff of the National Enquirer. What qualifies them to tell the world who is the most sexy man in the world?

Sexy is as sexy does.

I think I am pretty hot for a middle aged man with double chins and a full head of gray hair.

Everyone knows that today's gray is yesterday's not gray.

Bring it on George Clooney


Anonymous said...

Oh don't you just love it?
Obviously you are Metro-Sexual!

You are also very much like I am...although I must admit no double chin but I do have a little bit of middle age spread........

Me thinks the problem we do not rate a mention is not looks but money......sigh!!!!
To be rich and have all those women swooning all over you........such is life eh?
We just have to take it all on the chin.......I feel sorry for you though .....double cop it twice......Me...I'll show a lot of guts this summer.....Mainly hanging over the belt on my trousers.........well not a lot of guts but a little..........

Footpad said...

Clearly, you're too sexy for your body.

(Where are the squirrels when we need them.)

JP (mom) said...

You make a pumpkin look good baby!!

Time said...

Since the original photos was taken in a mirror, that is my right side.

Ahh yes, the necessary bulge in the back pocket that ultimately makes up for double chins and double guts.

Foodpad, But look at that cranium capacity (and the squirrels already got to my nuts).

I did make a Great Pumpkin!

Alex Pendragon said...

I'm happy simply the be the world's most sexy man under 5'5", and I say that because according to my wife, I am, and I'm not about to argue with her.

Time said...

THE Michael, it is very healthy to have a positive self image. Because damn it, you are good enough, you are smart enough and people like you. Or at least your wife does. :)