Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Freeze frame

" Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."
--Mark Twain

Seattle's news stations don't talk about anything but the weather. They've nicknamed this the "November to Remember." I'm personally pretty sick of hearing about it. I'm not too thrilled with driving in it, either.

Tess' school has been closed the past two days so she had had a mini vacation. My train runs on schedule every day so I haven't had an excuse not to go to work. This is the price I pay for working in public transit.

I did see clips of Seattle weather woes on one of those network tabloid programs tonight. The blonde announcer laughed a lot at the videos of cars sliding down hills smashing into other cars. Ha, ha...that was funny to watch. She must really enjoy plane crashes.

It is snowing again as I type this. But they claim it will change to rain overnight and we will be back to our normal soggyness by tomorrow.

How many days until spring?


Anonymous said...

As someone who has travelled extensively and lived in a variety of places across the US (and watching the local news wherever I am), I can say without a doubt that ALL news are obsessed with weather. It speaks to their innate laziness - all they need do is look out the window. And certainly it gives them visuals - which seems to be the driving force in any story: "If we have something moving on the TV screen, that's 95% of our story. Why complicate viewers' lives with facts?"

The best thing about the weather is that it is always there. What if there aren't any dramatic weather developments? Well, then I guess it's time to do a story about how the weather hasn't changed.

Luckily they do find time to do a "story" on their second favorite thing: Missing Cute White Girls.

Time said...

I bet a story about a missing cute white girl in a snow storm would be a major coup, then...wait, Seattle had one of those last week.

Anonymous said...

I have a tendancy to find humor in almost any situation, but there's nothing funny about car accidents.

Our weather has suddenly gotten very very cold. The heater at work suddenly stops working and the air conditioner won't turn off. It's actually colder in our office than it is outside. I think I see snow drifts forming at the base of my cubicle.

Anonymous said...

I thought every cube farm came with an office snowblower? Shandi - you'll have to just be snowed in...the good thing about cube farms is people can always throw you provisions over the cube wall. You might have to hold your pee for a few days, but you'll definitely not go hungry.

Oh wait...I'm sorry, Tim. I thought this was Shandi's blog Olive Juice. Sorry....

Uh...nice blog post, T. So, what's up with the weather in Seattle. I heard it snowed or something?

Anonymous said...

geez Miss Bliss, are ya flirt'n with me ;-)

Tim, I get more action on your blog than I do on my own. hee hee

Seriously though, I can't think of a damn thing to write about on my own so I keep coming back to yours to get ideas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Shandi, I guess I am flirting. I have to apologize, but it's my myspace gene....on myspace every word is an opportunity to flirt. I have to shake it when I come to BlogWorld, but the habit is hard to die.

Besides....Tim is taken.

Time said...

HELLO...I'm right here. Is this thing on?

Alex Pendragon said...

Shandi, Miss Bliss, I love your discertations on whatever it is whathisname was talking about. I love coming here to see what you guys will say. I suppose I should glance at what the guy who does this blog says to set all this off, but hell, I don't need to when I have such great and funny comments to keep me laughing!

Oh, by the way, I hear it's a long, long, long time till spring arrives.

Did I mention it was seventy two degrees today here in Sunny Florida and it was downright beautiful?

And not a hurricane to be found.......ahhhhhhhhh

I hear it's snowing somewhere around the PNW.....doesn't that photoshop guy live around there?


Hayden said...

well I sympathize, tim. but that's because misery loves company and I awoke this morning to 36 degrees and frost warnings on the radio. Last time there was frost damage was 5-6 years ago, and that was a minor hit. Whatever happened to global warming?

and why did that killer whale try to drown his trainer? *shakes head* alls not right with the world.

R. said...

Heh. It's 16F here. This morning there were kids outside waiting for the school bus in shorts. I just shake my head and wistfully remember my youth and thank God for flannel lined hoodies.

Time said...

This is not chat line, THE Michael. If you want to read about two chicks flirting, there are plenty of Web sites for that kind of thing.

Hayden, Why did the killer whale attack its trainer?

Lights, A pox upon you...wait a minute, you didn't say anything about ears...oh well, a pox upon you anyway.

R. You'll always be a grunge rocker in my memory.