Thursday, June 06, 2024

All my dogs aren't barking


This is one of the moments of random nonsense I succumb to every now and then. I suppose I want to take some of the pressure off the cows and not being purchased because they are giving away milk. 

ChatGPT says the cow proverb suggests you don't really need to invest in something if you can get the benefits without making a commitment. It is a very outdated way of looking at relationships. It often refers to having sex when you aren't married. And it is the woman giving away something when she should be holding out for compensation. This puts it in the realm of prostitution in my book. It also presupposes that a woman gives sex and a man takes it. It is a sexist concept that I've always been a bit disgruntled about. Because why isn't a man's sex equal to a woman's sex if you are treating it like a commodity.

I also believe that people getting married because they believe it is the only way to have sex is just a recipe for disaster and divorce. Sex is complicated enough without putting the pressure of getting married on people to engage in it.

And I don't know why this post went down that path other than I needed a justification for the "Why buy the dog" design. I really posted it more because it is the only one I did today. 

Though I could also apply the "Why buy the cow or the dog" to my blog in general. I've never been able to make money off from my writing. Well, I've never made money off from my creative writing. I pretty much did okay as a copywriter. But there was one point when I listed my blog on Amazon and tried to get people to pay to subscribe and read it. The catch was that anyone who had the URL could got to it and read it for free without subscribing. So the Amazon experiment was a total bust. I never did have a single subscriber.

Now that I have expanded my horizons by adding pun inspired designs I have discovered a more profitable way to get people to pay for my skills without a long-term commitment. And even though my blog now basically revolves around my designs,  I don't feel like it prevents anyone from buying them on  Sure you could steal the designs here and get your own account and print them or even sell them, but who would bother.

Would someone shut that do up?

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