Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Hair of the shark


I don't imagine this will have jaws dropping in surprise.  Sharks like to unwind, too after a hard day of eating garbage and people. 

And speaking of  "just when you thought it was safe to go back in the park, we bring you...Squirrel, too!"

Artie took exception to the phrase "Protect Your Nuts" when combined with the image of an angry looking squirrel with scissors. I finally had to leave off the "protect your nuts" part and add the text myself.  It was the first time I got a message from Ideogram that they had any community standards let alone that I might be violating them. 

They didn't seem to have a problem depicting guns and roses a couple of weeks ago, though. So I don't know if it is a violent squirrel thing or the word, "nuts." Or Artie was having a bad day. 

Meanwhile, my ebay sales have begun to take on a regular cadence and I'm clearing out a bit of the inventory I was worried I was going to have to return to Goodwill (with the off chance that I might accidently buy the items again).  It does stress me a bit, however, to have to wrap, pack, buy postage and drop off the packages at the post office. I'm starting to get an appreciation for what the people at an Amazon warehouse must feel like. 

I do have a deep appreciation for Amazon boxes, too. They have been a godsend in shipping most of this stuff. And to think I used to just recycle all of their boxes. This seems to be more environmentally friendly (and cheaper).

I'm quite the selling machine though.

Just a hobby though. It does satisfy my urge to go to thrift stores and keeps my hording potential somewhat in check. 

I think that is a win win situation. 

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