Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Mars Rocks!


I caught an article today about how excited some scientists were that one of the Mars Rovers discovered what they described as a boulder unlike any rock they have seen before on Mars. First the rock was 18" wide and 14" tall which isn't what I would think of as a boulder. I've found bigger rocks in my backyard.

They named this one Atoco Point after a landmark in the Grand Canyon. And they were really jazzed about this rock.  

It just looks like a rock to me. Sure it is on Mars. And it is a different color than the other rocks but it is still a rock.  I can only imagine what the scientists said when they went home and their family asked them what they did today and they replied, "Well we found a different colored rock on Mars and we named it Atoco Point." To which the person's significant other probably replied, "I hope you aren't planning on bringing it home. We don't need another rock. Maybe you should just take it to a shelter. You shouldn't have named it because now you'll become attached to it."

I suppose it is a bit more interesting than my normal day, but still. It is a rock. But I turned it to a rock star in my t-shirt store anyway.  Just wait until the Mars foamers find out about that. It could rock my design world.

Unless they are all stoned.

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