Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Herding cats (and other assorting animals)


I actually owned a "Dogs Playing Poker" print at one time. It was back in a time when I would pick things up at thrift stores and antique malls thinking they were really cool kitsch and would make me seem cool, too. Eventually I realized it just made me seem like someone with questionable taste and borderline hoarder tendencies. I think I ended up giving the print to a friend of mine who was polite about accepting it. Funny, but he is no longer a friend. 

But I don't think it was the "Dogs Playing Poker" print that made that happen.

Anyway, I saw a t-shirt design today with a dogs playing poker on it and I thought it would be funny to ask Artie to create a cats playing poker design. And it did. But at first it looked just like the dogs playing poker print but with cats. A Google search showed that there are a shit load of those out there, too. So I asked Artie to show cats the way they would actually look if you put them around a poker table. And a few iterations later and some cutting and pasting and I found what I think is the quintessential "Cats Playing Poker" design. Because none of the cats really give a shit about the cards other than to bat them around a bit. 

Now that's really what cats playing poker would actually do.  

Then I started thinking maybe it would be cool to show what other random animals would look like playing poker. First I chose armadillos (which I know nothing about other than they are like opossums in Texas and rarely make it across a road without getting hit.  

In retrospect I should have had the Armadillos playing Texas Hold 'Em. But what I really like about this image is the cactus plants in the middle of the table.  

And since I think armadillos are like opossums, I decided to have them play poker, too.

What I like about this design is that all of the opossums are pretending to be dead (or playing opossum as the saying goes). It just seems like something opossums would do instead of bluffing if they had to play poker. They all have their poker faces on. They just look like death grimaces.

Oh well, I just thought I'd put all my cards on the table.

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