Monday, June 17, 2024

Breaking Dad


Of course, I think of this the day after Father's Day. And of course, I discover that there is a British television series called "Breaking Dad," that is about a son and his father traveling on a coming of age road trip. The title was inspired by "Breaking Bad." 

Once again I confirm there is nothing original left in the world.

But I do like this image of a broken, aged version of Heisenberg who I have called Heidelberg. The whole thing was inspired by a Goodwill find of a "Breaking Bad" beaker mug that came out in 2013.

I thought it was extremely clever. I hope someone on eBay finds it just as clever and scarce and wants to pay what it is worth. There was only one other one for sale so there is hope. Nothing is more depressing than trying to sell the same things as 50 other people are selling on eBay and there are always several assholes who sell them at ridiculously low prices that can't possibly make it worth anyone's time to bother selling, packing and shipping.

I went through my inventory on eBay and culled several things that weren't getting any traffic and had very little chance of selling. Ironically I took them back to Goodwill where some other schmuck will pick them up and trying to sell them. Good luck to you. I'm learning the key to success in flipping thrift store crap is concentrating on the stuff that has good resale value and very few others are selling 

I've also learned not to let eBay's AI write the descriptions of products. It writes like it is using Google translate to translate a Japanese description into unintelligible English. And it always urges everyone to add the item to their collection.  Because we all know that is all the encouragement we need to buy something on eBay. It would make an great addition to our collection.

So I've been trying to craft the types of item descriptions I used to write during COVID when I was liquidating several of my accumulated collections that had been languishing in plastic bins in the garage for more than a decade. Sometimes I was quite successful.  Though I never did sell this Egyptian tapestry that I described using only Carol King references to her highly successful album called Tapestry. One person messaged me that they enjoyed the description. But they didn't enjoy it enough to buy the stupid tapestry. It ended up at Goodwill where someone like me snapped it up thinking they had found a treasure to resell. 

I am still learning the ins and outs of what to buy and sell and what not to buy and try to sell. At first I went buy taking a photo and running it through Google search. Of course Google is a cruel bastard and always pops up images of the thing you took a photo of being sold for hundreds of dollars. Then when you get it home you find it is one of those items 50 others are selling and it is only going for $8.95.

Now I screen with the photo, but try to confine myself to things I know are desirable either to collectors or people without any taste. I've learned the names of things like Murano glass and other high priced but often imitated items. I've also learned to really try to remember to inspect and glass item before I buy because a chip or crack are kisses of death to collectors of glass items and figurines. 

Souvenirs from Hawaii and third world countries aren't big sellers either. Too many people bought them, brought them home and then wished they hadn't. Too often they held onto them, died and then forced their children to take them to Goodwill. 

I've mentioned in earlier posts that Disney or Harry Potter mugs are also the kiss of death unless you get something from the park early years. You have to remember that millions of people go to the Magic Kingdoms every year and buy this shit.

Don't get me started about Starbucks "You are here" mugs. Cruise ship etched crystal commemorative items are much better. Souvenirs of any kind just don't sell unless they are turn of the century. And paperweights truly suck. Who has paper anymore to need a paperweight? And I may have mentioned before don't buy anything that came from the Bradford Exchange or Publishers Clearing House.

But still I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the rush when you find something that is marketable. 

It beats trying to get people to read your random writing on the Medium. And it has been more profitable than my t-shirt sales. Though I haven't given up on that either. Business will pick up the same time that my blog is discovered and starts trending. 

And yes I am laughing, laughing, laughing...

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