Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Gums and roses


Sure enough, the Guns N' Roses intellectual property people tracked down my design for a gun shop and florist called "Guns and Roses." I posted it on June 1, and ten days later the dogs sniffed it out and had take it down. 

So I can't just let it go so I posted Gums and Roses today. Let's see if they claim it is too close to Guns and Roses and try to get it taken down too. Or I'll have offended the Periodontist profession and they'll come after me. No one seems to be able to take a joke anymore. 

I didn't really create too many designs today except for this one:

There are 20 pages of pea designs on but I'll be damned if my peas sign design didn't make the first page of them! I think I've arrived

Peas out!

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