Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Seek and ye shall find

I get a kick out of looking at the stats for my Web site to see how people end up at Dizgraceland. A large percentage are looking for Elvis. But it is the extreme randomness for how people end up in my blog that really kills me. 

There are people out there actually doing google searches for "mechanical monkeys playing cymbals" and "dead animals in my crawlspace." I can only imagine their confusion when they end up at Dizgraceland. But it is a small world after all (that's going to get me those Disneyland hits for sure). 

 I've given up on the dream of being a blog celebrity, though. The whole "Build it and they will come" theory hasn't really worked with Dizgraceland. Neither has my "sell my crap on eBay and get rich" scheme. I guess I am just destined for that gray land of anonymity. That's what comes when your favorite character in Amadeus is Salieri, not Mozart. Though I did see Tom Hulce in a restaurant in Seattle years ago ordering a cinnamon roll (he played Amadeus Mozart in the 1984 movie called coincidently Amadeus...he also had a major part in Animal House). I've never seen F. Murray Abraham in a restaurant (he played Antonio Salieri in the movie...Amadeus, not Animal House). I did see Samuel L. Jackson in the Brooklyn Cafe in Seattle once, though (he was in neither Amadeus or Animal House). 

Life is funny that way. Suffice it to say, I don't run in the celebrity crowd. I did see Alec Baldwin in the LA airport a couple of years ago. And I met Cynthia Lauren Tewes a week or so ago. She played Julie McCoy in the Love Boat series. I have a friend who stood behind Johnny Cash in a deli in New York once, too. So, we're back to it's a small world, after all. 

Did I mention I met Mickey Mouse once, too?

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