Thursday, April 28, 2005

I hear voices coming from my Blackberry

Okay I think is the devil and Alexander Graham Bell is satan. So that leaves demons, devilish imps and bad joo joo or evil spirits to claim responsibility for my Blackberry. And I know I wrote about the thing before, but man, this little bugger is getting to me.

I swear sometimes I hear voices coming out of it. Of course you do, you are saying. It's also a phone. But I'm not talking about the phone. It's like these vague whisperings just out of comprehension level talking to me seductively:

"Hey Tim, shouldn't you check your e-mail? It's only been 2 minutes since you checked your e-mail? And don't forget to play Brickbreaker. Maybe you'll get beyond the dreaded steel wall this time and break your top score of 9300. "

That's sick. It knows I was so proud when I bested my all time high on the original brickbreaker and then it calls in a software upgrade and adds about 32 new levels of brickbreaker that I probably will never get through.

All I want to do is read a book again without that little bastard vibrating on my hip telling me it's time for some appointment or urging me to check movie times or play Jumble.

Playing Jumble via a wireless device sucks, by the way.

Last week I stepped off the bus and somehow my Blackberry hooked on my jacket and flew off my hip. The battery popped out and it lay there right next to the rear bus wheel. I looked down on it stunned and for a moment I hesitated. This was my chance, I thought. It's broken and it can't torture me anymore. But then, and this may just be my imagination, it sneered at me. I scooped it up and popped the battery back in. And what appeared on the screen? Two words:

I'm Back!

Damn you Blackberry!

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Naughti Biscotti said...

I once thought my cell phone was my new best friend. I downloaded special ring tones and screen savers that better reflected my true personality. I felt that I had more in common with my cell phone than I did anyone in my immediate circle of friends.
But...eventually something sank in. I could never really excape with that damn thing clinging to me.
I don't think I'm emotionally mature enough for a blackberry. I'm not ready for that kind of committment.