Friday, September 09, 2005

Fear and loathing in Salt Lake City: Day two

I haven't really seen much of Salt Lake City since I've been here. I rarely get out much when I go to conferences. I usually just order room service and hang out in the room. It is a very nice room, but a little heavy on the Victorian parlour decor for my taste.

I managed to walk around a bit yesterday. I still haven't had a cup of coffee, but I found a mini-mart at a nearby gas station and bought some diet Pepsi's to keep the caffeine monkey off my back (and I don't want to hear any smart remarks from you, Mank the Spank).

I can't even go walking around this afternoon. There is a nasty thunder storm in progress. I can't help but wonder if it isn't a sign prompted by my nasty remarks yesterday about the Mormon church.

I must admit that the ads appearing at the side of my blog today are focusing on Mormon dating sites. That cracks me up.

I've talked to Tess and she misses me but tells me the cats haven't said anything about me being gone. Cats are like that I guess.

Oh, another thing that is freaking me out here is that all of the hotel staff are friendly. There is something amiss here. They are always asking me if everything is okay and is the room alright. Shoot I've stayed at hotels in other cities where you are lucky if they make up the room every day let alone check on you to see if everything is okay. I suppose I could demand a coffee maker in the room. Then the room would be okay.

Must find a Starbucks.

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teri said...

You poor thing. Follow the fairy...maybe she knows. God knows she hasn't been helping me much. ;)