Friday, September 16, 2005

I've discovered the meaning of life

Well, actually I found a (or the) Meaning of Life (or What's it All About?) Web site with Google. The site is also available in Spanish (apparently English and Spanish speaking people are the only ones currently searching for meaning). There is no introduction and no explanation as to who developed the site nor why. The Web address references Diogenes, a Third Century biographer of Greek philosophers.

The site starts with a list of questions to the reader as to why they are searching for the meaning of life. The freaky thing about the content of this site is that it is pretty dang enlightening. It's intelligent, funny and not the least bit condenscending. And from the style of writing, I'd hazard a quess that the author is British.

That being said, I'd highly recommend all of you searching for meaning to check out the site. It's pretty heady stuff, though, so read and digest it in small doses. My head is still spinning.


teri said...

This reminds me of getting my message off my cell phone.
If you want to save your message,
Press 1
If you want to know the day and time,
Press 2
If you want to return the call,
Press 88
If you want to forward the message to someone else,
Press 5
If you want to delete this message,
Press 9

Interesting though...

Time said...

I can now probably call you EnLIGHTened in the wake. But I was pleasantly suprised by the meaning of life site. And there weren't any ads. That was a good sign.


Remember those patterns we were talking about? Hmmm...

teri said...

Patterns? Hmmm...What ever do you mean?

R. said...


Time said...


In addition to being the answer to the meaning of life from Hitchhiker's guide, that is also the age of Elvis when he died...the first time.