Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I've always thought of a blog as a sanctuary of sorts. I come here to rant, vent, gloat, complain or pontificate in what I view as a relatively safe environment. I have been fortunate over the years not to have attracted trolls or other assorted Internet vermin. I suppose it helps that I can delete any offensive comments if necessary. I haven't really had to.

I bring this up because, although I've been burned out at times, I've never really wanted to stop blogging. From an artistic standpoint, it's pretty much the only canvas I have. And from a point, point, I've never really had one so I have never felt like a failure for not making one.

When I started blogging, I didn't have a clue what a blog was. I think that helped me. Because if you don't have expectations, you can't fail to meet them. But in retrospect, I think I actually exceeded my expectations for what a blog could mean to me.

In all honesty, I harbored the fantasy in the beginning that I would be discovered as a writer once my blog caught on. Finally faced with the reality that there are millions of blogs out there, I accepted that being discovered by a few quality people was more gratifying than actually becoming a blip on the radar screen of celebrity.

Blogging has brought me friends who I will likely never meet but who have been warm and supportive beyond many of the friends I have in my every day life. It has brought me new perspectives and ideas. And it has brought me an outlet for sharing.

Bottom line is, I don't think I'll ever stop blogging. The medium may change and the way in which we post or the technology, but I plan to hold onto my sanctuary as long as I have thoughts and can function.

And if there is nothing good on television.


JP (mom) said...



BlazngScarlet said...

I feel the same way!

I don't blog nearly as often as i'd like, and my content has changed several times, but it's still my very own artistic expression .... and i'll never give it up! lol

Keep on doing what you do Tim!

Whitesnake said...

The only thing that happens is you sometimes don't have time to blog or for some stupid reason you think that you have nothing to say. As for me I dont post as often but on the Rainbow blog I write the stuff I have always wanted to write. Plus, Thanks to blogging I am trying to write a book.
Branching out. New friends. It is kind of like close family that you don't have to see you just know they are there.
And they always will be eh!

Isabella said...

I'm glad you will never stop blogging Tim. Maybe you have brought more to people's lives than you are aware of. I don't post on Isabella anymore but that was never really what that blog existed for.

My other blog has brought me so many new and wonderful friends plus many of my old friends still visit and I love that our relationships grow deeper with each passing day.

I have always thought you are a wonderful writer for what its worth.

Time said...

I couldn't have said it better myself...wait a minute :)

Thanks. I don't think it matters how often you blog as long as you blog when the muse moves you.

Put me down for an advance copy of your book. Perhaps someday we'll make it to Australia.

Thanks, it does mean alot.

Isabella said...

Hey Tim, If you, Tess and little Enya Maria ever do make it to Australia, don't forget to put me on your places to visit will you? Your precious little girl would just love all our weird and wonderful wildlife and I don't mean Steve....sorry slip of the tongue...:)

Anonymous said...

I think of your blog as a sanctuary of sorts as well. It is a nice mental respite from my hectic day....

Time said...

Of course you'd be on our list. Where do you think we'd be staying :)

Miss Bliss,
Mental respite? Here? Maybe I should at least repaint. :)

Isabella said...

Well rest assured, you would get the red carpet treatment all the way. Mi casa, su casa :)

Hayden said...

not to slice it too fine, but I find it's easy to stop WITHOUT particularly wanting to - always too many obsessions in the universe.

But visiting your blog is one of the standards of my blog days.

Loz said...

I got here from Gypsy's blog and I agree with what you've said. The sense of community is the thing that has struck me most about blogging. Finding friends in strange places and revealing more about myself to them than I ever have to face to face friends has been a bit of a revelation for me as well.

Time said...

You can never have too many obsessions. But I get what you are saying. Thanks for being a loyal blog friend.

Welcome Loz, Blogging does make us look at the world differently doesn't it?