Monday, March 17, 2008

Nifty 50s

"Today's 50 is yesterday's 40."
--They say


Twenty-five years ago I was freaked out by turning 25. All I could think about was that I was a quarter of a century old and I hadn't accomplished much. In another 2 1/2 hours I will be a half a century old and I suppose I have accomplished more than I had when I was 25. But it still kind of freaks me out.

Oh, I know I have quite a bit of living left. I have a lovely wife. I'm a father to an 18-month old daughter and I have a son arriving in July. I don't have time to reflect too much on the AARP sending me an invitation to join.

That is part of the beauty of having children. Your focus shifts. It's hard to be self-absorbed when you are comforting a toddler who has just upchucked lunch on you after a coughing spell. And it is hard not to feel a sense of accomplishment when she falls peacefully asleep in your arms after only 15 minutes of rocking.

So I guess turning 50 isn't so terrible. Just shoot me though if I ever refer to myself as 50 years young.


Karen said...


The best is yet to come my friend. You have a whole new adventure ahead of you with your beautiful daughter and new son. Life is good, even if you are a half century old.....

I hope you have a wonderful day and that every day of the next 50 years is just as special as you are.

Naughti Biscotti said...

Your children are very fortunate to have such wise parents. Your priorities are where they need to be. I had one child when I was very young and another when I a little bit wiser and 10 years older. I wish my priorities had been where they are now. I'm making fewer mistakes.

You have it ALL now Tim. Happy Birthday!

Time said...

Thanks Gypsy,
As the song says, "Life is a highway and I want to drive it all night long." With a newborn, that will be pretty close to the truth :)

Thanks so much. Being an older parent does have some advantages. Being mistaken for a grandparent, however, isn't one of them :)

K. said...

Happy Birthday! It's a big year in many ways. :)

R. said...

Happy birthday Uncle.

Time said...

Thanks K, R, I appreciate it.

Hayden said...

Happy Birthday, Tim!

50 isn't so bad.

But then, I have to say that, since for me, 50 is a fond memory.

Time said...

Thanks Hayden,
I guess there is no turning back now, is there?

Karen said...

I LOVE that pic of you and EM. I hope your birthday was special and very memorable for all the right reasons Tim.

I actually came by to wish you, Tess, EM and the unborn son a very safe and Happy Easter. Another first for EM as a member of the Healy clan. Such a wonderful occasion when seen through the eyes of a small child. Ahhh the memories.

Hayden said...

well, the alternatives to aging are - shall we say, daunting.

Time said...

Thanks Gypsy, My birthday was great, thanks. And our Easter was fun. EM went to her first Easter egg hunt, dyed eggs and had her photo taken with the Easter Bunny. All and all a great holiday

Hope you are well and enjoying your hiatus from bloggin.

The alternative to aging? Getting younger of course!