Monday, March 10, 2008

Original thought

Being original on a regular basis is hard work. I think the writer's strike was probably more of a ploy to give the poor schmuck's a break from having to come up with new material every day. Not that television sitcoms really need original material. You just need to figure out how to repackage the same old crap in new wrapping paper to be a sitcom writer.

Blogging, however should be original thought. I see very few original blogs anymore (even my own). Bloggers need to learn to leave plagerisim to the professional Web sites and sitcom writers and keep blogging pure by being creative about being unoriginal.

I tell you, what I find the most original and entertaining in blogs are the stories of people's lives. Even the mundane day to day stuff is more original than regurgitating political rhetoric or reprinting crap you've googled on the Web.

Okay there are limits what you should record about your life. I was watching a program the other night about some guy who had documented everything he'd done minute by minute for 40 some years...(2:10 p.m. I chewed a stick of Juicy Fruit gum, 2: 14 p.m. I threw the gum away...2:15 I voided my bladder for about 3 minutes). Okay, this may be original in a mindnumbing sense, but it is also stupid and way too much information. Pretend your life is has been Tivo'd and fast forward through the boring crap. Would you watch a movie that spent the first 30 minutes documenting the character flossing his teeth?

That being said, I need to go void my bladder and floss my teeth.


Karen said...

Goodness, I chew my gum for more than 4 minutes before throwing it away :)

Mikey said...

Here, here!

I can read opinions about world events anywhere. Yawn!
But a blog about some guy stepping in dog crap or meeting an old girlfriend that's now a man.... now I'm readin'!

Time said...

You must get better gum in Australia than we have in the states :)

How about an old girlfriend who is now a man stepping in dog crap. Now that's a blog!