Wednesday, November 03, 2010

There's got to be a morning after

The beauty of this blog post title is that it will drive traffic from people Googling "bad song from the Poseidon Adventure" to my blog at which point they will say, "Hey, this doesn't have anything to do with the Poseidon Adventure." It may even turn their life upside down.

Just a little Poseidon Adventure humor, ha, ha.

By morning after, I am referring to the morning after the debacle that was election night in the United States. Although I am bummed by the backlash of the unwashed masses returning the Republican weasels to the hen house to finish off the last of the chickens, I am more concerned that a local initiative to allow liquor to be sold in grocery stores seems to be failing.

Democracy sucks. Give me a benevolent dictator any day. Because I hate to think important decisions are being made by people who base their voting decisions on the number of times they have seen a candidate's name on those annoying little yard signs that infest the roadside like dandelions on your neighbors lawn. I hate those signs. I am tempted to sponsor an initiative to get them banned. But the irony is that I'd have to print up a bunch of little yard signs urging people to pass the initiative banning them.

But I digress.

I suppose it really doesn't matter which party is in the majority. I've grown to accept that our political system basically negates anyone effectively accomplishing anything. I think Democrats are equally ineffective as Republicans, I just support them because they are nicer people, mean well and for the most part intelligent. Republicans are narrow minded, self-centered banjo players who idolize evil people like Sarah Palin. And I mean this in a nice way.

Deep down, I believe the act of seeking any political office makes a person, Democrat or Republican, suspect and unworthy to lead. We should select our leaders by kidnapping the best and the brightest and locking them in the Senate and House chambers and trade them food for decent laws and programs.

It could work.

Regardless, at least the mind numbing political commercials are done. It will be nice just to watch ads for the new Leopard Snuggie for awhile. I'd like to just pull one over my head until the Republicans fix the economy like they promised or monkeys fly out of my butt.

I've always liked monkeys.


Pernicious Panda said...

Gosh, I hope those monkeys put down the cymbals before they take flight. Just sayin.

I agree with you about Republicans. In a nice way.

Time said...

Even with cymbals, I imagine it would be less painful that what the Republicans have planned for the country. To steal from your analogy, they now stand poised to amputate the other, good leg.

R. said...

The first time I went to Montana I was blown away by the neat rows of vodka bottles lined up on a shelf in a little hole-in-the-wall general store.

Here in Minnesota you can only buy alcoholic beverages from liquor stores - but not on Sundays.

One would think that with the exception of addressing major social and technological changes there wouldn't have been many laws written in the last half-century. Yet every year the list of things which the little people can't do gets longer and more absurd.

A benevolent dictator would be a possible alternative if it wasn't human and provided a means of redress for the little people.

Time said...


Washington has the same set up as Minnesota. It is okay, but I was sick of dealing with surly and fairly slow moving liquor store clerks. I would have preferred dealing with surly and fairly slow moving grocery store clerks.

Regarding benevolent dictators, if you think about it, they are also known as parents.

R. said...


To me parenthood is more about being a Socialist leader than a benevolent dictator. I mean, it's not like I can have my kid shot for dissin' on the regime.

Time said...


Thus the emphasis on "benevolent" dictator. As with a good parent, they would dictate with the ultimate good of the child in mind. I don't punish my children for disagreeing with me, but I don't allow them to do things that could harm them either. Just as democracy doesn't work with parenting, neither does it work with goverment.