Tuesday, June 04, 2024

You put the lime in the coconut


I've surpassed 800 designs now and I started thinking I should maybe update some of my earlier designs that I did without Artie's help.  Like the one above for instance.  It's simple and understated but not real compelling. So I asked Artie to give it a try.

Now that's a bit more peppy. But it did make me think about the words to Harry Nilsson's song and did it have any hidden meaning. I mean, he basically repeats the same line over and over after setting it up with "My brother bought a coconut with a dime, my sister had another and she bought a lime. She put the lime in the coconut, she drank 'm bot' up." It doesn't change much after that.

ChatGPT insists there is no deeper meaning to the song. But a Google search finally found another mean that Harry may or may not have intended. Apparently when you ask someone to put the lime in the coconut you are suggesting that you smoke pot. The coconut is the bong and the lime is the weed. 

So I asked Artie to give me a design with a parrot that looked stoned. This is what it gave me:

Okay, now we're talking t-shirt. I half expected the censors to swoop in and tell me I couldn't post an image of a parrot with a pot plant on its hat. But hell, it's legal in Washington State and who is to say it's not just an Aloe Vera plant.

I also updated my original "Walken like an Egyptian" shirt from:



Now I still like my original (I am wearing it as I write this) but the Artie versions are pretty amazing. Granted I had to add Walken's face because Artie doesn't do real well with celebrity faces (I think it is to avoid copyright and trademark issues).

It did do a pretty good Ronald Reagan the other day when I asked for a design featuring Ronnie dressed as a spaceman.

I think that is a pretty damned good likeness of the former (and now dead) President. Not that too many people know who Ronald Reagan is anymore let alone want him on a t-shirt.  I think people want more high brow stuff like:

And I'm proud to say I creative directed Artie to produce this one in one take.

Well maybe two. It got hung up on showing someone being hugged and farting. But that is why AI still needs to the human element to produce true art.

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