Sunday, June 09, 2024

Your are only coming through in waves


I imagine some of you are experiencing a wave of nausea after seeing this pun.  It was actually inspired by a Queen Elizabeth Waver I found at Goodwill.

She is supposed to do the Royal Wave when she is exposed to sunlight because there is a solar panel built into the top of her purse. I listed it on ebay after bringing it home before I realized it was supposed to be solar powered. Unfortunately her solar power doesn't seem to work (which is why she likely ended up in Goodwill) so I pulled her off ebay while I assess the situation.  I do kind of like her. She goes well with my Pope Francis Bobblehead (though she is quite a bit taller than him).

Regardless, she inspired a t-shirt design. And creating a Royal Wave t-shirt inspired this one as well.

As you can see, my puns are multiplying just like rabbits. I'm going to try to avoid creating one about splitting hares because I think it could be too gross.

I also created a design for Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders who I posted about dying the other day.

I did discover that Frank Borman didn't actually die the day before Anders. ChatGPT showed me once again that you can't always trust what it spews (much like the press these days). Borman died in November of 2023. So there went my theory that Anders ditched his plane into the Puget Sound because he was despondent about Borman dying the day before.

Regardless, I think Anders deserved a t-shirt of his very own at the very least. May he rest in peace wherever he is orbiting now.

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