Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sunny and chair: A shopping adventure

One thing you discover when you sell a house and buy a new one, is that one of those quantum physic's formulas kicks in:

h1-WP(2 dump 4)=(h2+FS4)*$+/H1 E

Translation: h1 or the house you are selling-WP or Worldly Possessions (taken to the dump in four trips)=(h2 or the house you are buying + FS4 or at least four trips to furniture stores)* $+ or major big bucks/H1E or all of the equity you have from selling the first house.

We spent much of the weekend walking through furniture stores trying to decide what to buy for our new house since we threw most of my old stuff away and nothing we have left really goes with the brand new house. And we have all of these rooms. Plus we have all of that equity from selling the house even after putting down a major down payment.

Fortunately, Tess and I see eye to eye on what types of furniture we like. She didn't roll her eyes anyway when I started looking at big screen tv's. And I managed to look at dining room sets without ripping out my eyes from the sockets.

But I have to tell you that furniture stores are a trip. We went to one called the Old Cannery in Sumner, Wash (go to their site and take the virtual tour...it's worth the download). It is called the Old Cannery because, coincidently, it is housed in what used to be...you guessed it...an old cannery. But the Old Cannery is to furniture what jam is to Knotts Berry Farm. Because the Old Cannery doesn't just sell furniture, they sell fun.

Case in point, you walk into the Old Cannery and you would think you were walking into a carnival midway. Large train sets run overhead. There is a snack bar and a booth that sells fudge (something I know I always get a hankering for when I'm looking at dining room sets). And scattered throughout the acres of furniture are talking mannequins and stuffed animals. A stuffed rooster squawks at you as you walk into the men's room and tells you about the great deals you'll find throughout the Old Cannery (I think it also reminds you to wash your hands).

One room is called Recliner World. For some reason a mannequin in a small airplane hangs from the ceiling and shouts at you about amazing furniture deals. Then there is the Crab Room where a giant crab hangs from the ceiling overlooking dining room sets. And of course the classic room houses 50s style memorabilia including a lifesized fiberglass...you guessed it Elvis.

In all honesty, if you can avoid being distracted by a talking rooster, the Old Cannery does have some pretty good furniture deals. We will very likely buy our dining room and bedroom sets there. But we had to go to Macy's Furniture Showcase to find our living room furniture.

Macy's had none of the Old Cannery's carnival atmosphere. Instead of talking mannequins, it had hordes of roving sales people that were obviously hungry people ready to eat novice furnture buyers for dinner. We walked in the door and several immediately swooped down on us, but Felcia got to us first:

Hi, have you heard about our no tax sale? (No, but you are going to tell us about it aren't you...she did)
What are you looking for? (Uhh...furniture? )
I don't like to bug people while they are looking. (Then why are you?)
I'll just leave you two alone, but you let me know if you need some help...my name is Felcia, what's yours? (Tim and Tess)
How cute! T& T: dynamite! (We've never heard that one...please leave us alone, I can't restrain Tess much longer).
I won't bother you any more.

Felcia finally left us alone and chased after another couple. I could hear her shouting, "Have you heard about our no tax sale?" as she scurried away. Tess and I quickly ducked around the corner and spent the next 45 minutes telling sale people we knew about the no tax sale and didn't need any questions answered about European leather versus vinyl.

We did end up buyin a leather couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman. We even had Felcia ring us up. She was in ecstasy, especially when we bought the extended care plan in case I went berzerk one night and slashed the couch with a butcher knife. Apparently all we have to do is call Macy's and they'll come out an fix it.

At least we'll have something to sit on in the new house. But we're going to have to go back to the Old Cannery soon, or we'll be sleeping and eating on leather couches. Plus I have an urge for some fudge.

Buying a new house is so much fun.

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