Thursday, July 21, 2005

There's a light....

Yaquina Point Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon: April 2004

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon: April 2004

Oregon Coast, April 2004

Haceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon Coast: April 2004


Anonymous said...

No, I'm not Stephen King, although I enjoy his work. It's not so bad not being Sthephen King though. I have better eyesight, I'm younger and I never got run over by a minivan. And technically speaking I'm not from Maine. A very large percentage of my extended family live there and both my parents were born there, but I lived in Maryland from age 5 thru 23 and have always considered it to be the place I'm "from". Never lived in Maine but it's a great place to visit.
I'm glad I've inspired you. Hopefully this means you are diligently working on my bunny story. Now, I don't want to interfere with the creative process but I've been thinking: Cavorting is pretty risque, are you sure you want to go there? I mean, it's a story about a happy bunny frolicking in a field and feeding on the flesh of humans. It's sure to be a hit with the kids. I'm just saying that cavorting might be a little more than impressionable young minds can handle. Think of the children man!

Anonymous said...

On a side note. I've been keeping up with the Monkey playing cymbals blog. I noticed that he didn't have anything to say about the chimpanzee attack a few months ago. Now I realize that they are chimps and he is a monkey, however as an internationally recognized symbol of simian unity I think that some sort of statement condeming this sort of behavior would be appropriate. But hey, you know, that's just me. What do I know about monkeys?

Time said...
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Time said...

Hey Lights (or should I call you Stephen, nod, nod, nudge, nudge)

I can understand that a famous author would have to keep a low profile. You wouldn't want people to find out you're researching ideas by surfing blogs. Secret is safe with me, my man.

Since you are not Stephen King, then you probably won't mind me saying that, although a prolithic author, the lord did not see fit to bless Stephen with, how should I put this...good looks. As we used to say in Idaho, "If I had a dog that looked like him, I'd shave his butt and make him walk backwards."

I say that with the utmost respect at the amount of money, I mean Stephen has earned with his writing skills.

So, growing up in Maryland gives us that Edgar Allan Poe connection again, doesn't it?

And thanks for the suggestions regarding the bunny story. But cavorting is just such a great word and let's face it, sex sells. After all, the books you Stephen King writes always have some gratuitous sex mixed in with body parts being hacked off.

Time said...

Oh and the Monkey Playing Cymbals told me to tell you to check out the March archives on his blog (Bring in on). He was all over the chimp attacks. For days he was watching Planet of the Apes films and screaming "Attica, Attica." He even tried to get me to buy him a beret and call him Che Monkey-Playing-Cymbals.

I'm glad that phase passed.

Anonymous said...

I tried that shaving my butt and walking backward thing. It turned out no one could tell the difference, so I gave it up.

Time said...

So you admit that you are Stephen King? I thought so.

Naughti Biscotti said...

Thanks for posting lighthouse photos. I have a little collection of my own going. These are very good. Would you mind if I used the first photo??? That particuliar one would make a good painting.

Time said...

Hi Shandi,

Glad you like the photos and you are more than welcome to use the first one. That is my favorite.