Sunday, January 27, 2008

100 years


Karen said...

My favourites?.....The ones with you and Tess. I especially liked the ones in the photo booth but they went too quick. I have to say you were a very handsome groom too. It's nice to see more of your face without the beard :)

Naughti Biscotti said...

Glad to see it back. I will be doing something similiar. It's a great idea but I'm thinking it's also a lot of hard work.

Anyhoo, I'm very impressed with your video.

BlazngScarlet said...

That was AMAZING Tim!

I wouldn't mind doing something like that myself.

Hmmm .....

Like Shandi and Gypsy, I am impressed. :D

Time said...

Tess likes my beard. EM likes my beard. I like my beard. So you are out voted :)

Glad you like the video, but it really isn't that hard with the software I use (muvee). You load video or still images, background music and pick a style. It does most of the work.

Thanks. I think it would be fun to see other blogger's life's in video. Go for it!

Naughti Biscotti said...

Yeah, and "layers" were easy too!

Jim said...

Nicely done!

Time said...

Now that you know how to use layers, they are easy aren't they?