Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gunter lives


Karen said...

Are you channeling Ozzy Osbourne young Tim? Hail the Rock God from Seattle, Washington!!!

Karen said...

Ps Coochie coochie coo on that baby pic of you. Too cute!

Naughti Biscotti said...

I thought you were taking pills for that. He's still around huh? Must go see! Lights will be beside himself.

Naughti Biscotti said...

HEY!!! "Gone walkabout" is one thing, but it appears to have been deleted completely.

Time said...

Ozzy who? Gunter is actually from Berlin.

It's a long story.

And glad you liked my baby new year shot. You don't think the diaper makes my butt look big, do you?

I didn't say Gunter was going to start blogging again, just that he was still alive and kicking...well kicking anyway. Lights always was the only one who truly understood Gunter, though.

I'm not sure if the Gunter blog will ever come back. It was a major energy suck for him, considering the language barrier.

Lights in the wake said...

OH- mein Gott!!! Gunter, sind Sie noch lebendig. Ich dachte, daß wir nie wieder nach Ihrem prachtvollen visage schauen und zutreffendes Genie beobachten würden. Es ist für mein Herz gut und die Därme, zum der Felsenlegende zu sehen und zu hören lebt noch. Alle hageln Gunter.

Gunter said...

Lichter in Spiel,

Weep not meine freund. Gunter ist! I rise and be. So is so! Ahh, yah!

Hayden said...

*stamping feet*
Gun-ter, Gun-ter, Gun-ter, Gun-ter,Gun-ter, Gun-ter,Gun-ter, Gun-ter,Gun-ter, Gun-ter,Gun-ter, Gun-ter,Gun-ter, Gun-ter,Gun-ter, Gun-ter,

(and so forth and so on)