Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Writer's strike

I must admit I don't know anything about the writer's strike. I don't know whether it is justifiable or not. I do know that it is somehow responsible for my inability to find anything decent on television to watch. I also know that the lack of writers hasn't stopped crap like Celebrity Apprentice, Deal or No Deal, or the plethora of other "reality" and game shows of the same ilk from cluttering up the digital airwaves.

It's sad when I look forward to the reruns of Seinfeld and Frasier to come on at 10 p.m. just so I can actually watch something that doesn't involve a competition to lose weight, become a supermodel or marry a vapid, but eligible bachelor.

Hey, if the sitcom and late night talk show writers are holding out for big bucks to turn out crap, I'll just throw my resume in as a scab writer who will crank out the same crap for half the price. I'd be so jazzed to be paid anything for writing that I'd even whip out a few screenplays as a bonus.

I'm not a big fan of unions. My own theory is that collective bargaining for higher wages here has done the most good for workers in China and Indonesia. Even as a kid I could figure out that the more companies had to pay their employees, the more their goods cost. And the higher the cost for the goods, the less people would buy them. So demanding higher wages either could lead to your eventually putting your employer out of business or you were just going to have to use your pay increase to pay higher costs for other people's goods because everyone else was demanding more money, too.

I think we should return to the barter system. I could trade puns for food.

Maybe it would help me lose weight.

But I digress.

Besides, there is an all new episode of My Name is Earl on followed by 30 Rock and then Grey's Anatomy. Somebody is getting paid write again.

I imagine my DirectTV bill is about to go up again.

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