Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aunty-social media

I'm getting sick of hearing the phrase "social media marketing" bantered about like it is the new savour of businesses looking to lure in the face of a "sagging economy" (another phrase I'm sick of). Social media has become the new spam. I can't even tell you the last time I got an e-mail from Nigeria offering me millions of dollars in exchange for my bank account information. I kind of miss the spam wars.
But I digress.

Being ever the forward thinking person, I have been trying to think of what the next trendy thing will hit the digital world once people realize that the emperor that is social media isn't wearing any clothes. So I am looking into developing an anti-social media site. Maybe I'll call it Defacebook or Hater. Instead of friends or followers, you could have enemies or stalkers.  The point of the site would be to alienate people as opposed to networking. Lord knows I've been doing that my entire life.

Of course, I Googled Defacebook and someone has already thought of it. They will now go on my list of enemies. There is also a created by a major league loser. He's on my list.

Let's see, what other things could I call the site. has been used. So has is out there. I was thinking maybe started Facedbook as a site where you could post drunk comments. But that is used as well. Shoot, is gone as well. Somebody snagged, too. Wait! is available! But I'm not paying $10.95 a year to register it. Sigh.

There isn't much wiggle room on creating an anti-Twitter site. I imagine has been used, but I'm not going to Google it at work. is available, however. But it would be too close to encouraging the same content as Twitter. has been taken, but is available. I'm not sure most people would get the pun, though.

This confirms my theory that there are no new ideas or products left in the universe. There are just new ways to package them. So maybe I'll just go work on my Facebook page.

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