Monday, March 27, 2006

Cats gone wild!


Naughti Biscotti said...

"Cats gone wild!"

Is this the first edition, "Meoooowwww!" or the 2nd installment, "Meeooowwww owwwww!!!" or the 3rd, "Meeeoowwww owwww Paaarrrrtyyy!" ???

Nice! I'm liking it. Does she flip her skirt up or take that fur bikini off if you give her some beads?

Time said...

Thanks Cherish, He is one of those cats that is perpetually irritated. And he doesn't really bite down, so I still have the finger.

Shandi, Thanks for taking the high road with the suggested sequel titles. I doubt if there will be any more installements. It would be hypocritical of me considering how critical I've been about people posting endless pet photos on their blogs.

And no, Keliki (a male cat) doesn't do anything for beads (except maybe bat them around). BTW Tess found Keliki as a kitten wandering around a golf course in Jakarta Indonesia. The locals thought she was crazy for keeping a cat as a pet.

He is pretty wild, though.

Anonymous said...

You should go find a sleeping bear and poke it with a stick. Those would be good pictures too--I'd like to see those. The series you posted today could as easily be called "Grizzly Cat."

Time said...

Poke a grizzly with a stick and take a photo of must be from Pierce County.