Friday, March 29, 2024

Going to bat


I wouldn't consider myself a big baseball fan. Oh I used to take the family to games if someone gave us tickets, but it was more for the food than for the sport. I find watching baseball to be very much like watching paint dry. But I did occasionally see a few fans like the one above. He seems a bit like the rabid foaming train fans I wrote about back at the end of February (Trainbies).  This next fan is a bit more sedate and cute (in a repulsive bat kind of way).

I assume baseball bat puns have been done, but I'm beyond caring these days. Art AI seemed to like the idea and didn't misspell baseball or bat.  It did get a bit confused when I asked it to create a "Baseball Bat out of hell" design with an angry Vampire bat. Apparently Art AI only knows about one kind of Vampire bat and it isn't the tiny fanged version with leathery wings.

Still, I kind of like it. Looks good on baseball shirts if you are curious.

I have created more than 300 designs on my storefront now. I think it is pretty impressive though it still hasn't fostered an outpouring of people flocking to it to buy massive amounts of t-shirts or coffee mugs. I still have an occasional brush with authority at teepublic. Even though I had decided not to create anymore Trump designs I couldn't resist exploring one with Trump as the Wicked Witch urging his monkeys to fly.

I didn't see anything wrong with the design. But for some reason teepublic flagged it for review. I thought it might be because of the whole Wizard of Oz tie in, but I found tons of designs at their site for the Wicked Witch and flying monkeys. Same is true for Trump and the MAGA monkeys (though I didn't find any flying MAGA monkeys other than mine.  So I don't know what triggered the censors.

Not that I give a rip. No one is buying Trump insult t-shirts anyway. Again, I think it has too much potential for you to become a target of the flying MAGA monkeys if you openly diss on the shithead.

Regardless, I don't need Trump to sell t-shirts. I've got plenty of other fish to fry in the vast ocean of t-shirt design. The only limit is my (and Art AI's) imagination.

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