Monday, March 11, 2024

Turf's up!


Spring will be here soon and some people will be mowing a sea of grass. Not me. I have a dinky lawn that I mow with a battery powered lawn mower. At times I think it would be fun to hang ten on a bitchin' riding lawn mower though.

Okay, it would be fun for maybe a day and then it would just be work.

This was another of those ideas that came to me at about 4 a.m. But it was Daylight Savings Time so my body still thought it was 3 a.m. But the design ideas were popping. Trick is remembering them when I get up.

This one struck me as fun. But the AI Art site struggled with it. It kept giving me these bizarre looking matches that didn't really look like matches. I finally used the background it created and messed around with images of matches I found through Google. It took a lot of Photoshop work. Not sure it was worth the trouble. 

The Turfs Up one was a natural for AI so I just had to add text. That's my kind of partnership.

Intellectual police pulled me over again this morning for a Gospel of Elvis design.It picture three stained glass images of the king that AI created. I made the mistake of adding lyrics from All Shook up (Bless a my soul...).  I think that is what triggered it getting pulled down. Sony was the narc this time and they probably own that song. I just dropped the lyrics and reposted it. Seems ridiculous. It's not like I was selling the figging song.

I did this one last night:

It was inspired because I was grilling some chicken and ran out of propane. AI Art did a pretty good job with a singing propane tank.  I had actually come up with a whole song about propane about two years ago during the pandemic. It was a pretty good parody of Eric Clapton's song Cocaine.  I left it in the comments of Cynch, a company that delivers propane tanks to your door. I thought sure they would make a big deal about it on social media.

But crickets.

Once again, I am too clever by half. 

Finally I was messing around with AI Art and asked it to show me the face I had before I was born and the sound of one hand clapping. It spit out some pretty disturbing stuff, but several photos of babies.

How original. I ended up using some of the AI Art and a photo of me from awhile back (altered with a Snapchat filter). I think it is pretty damned artistic. Doubt anyone will buy it though. My face doesn't seem to be a big seller. 

Even the face I had before I was born.

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