Monday, March 18, 2024

Once more into the breach


Okay today is my birthday.  I took the day off and basically enjoyed not being on call to work. I worked on designs. I went to Starbucks and got my free birthday coffee drink. It was okay.

I removed my birthday from Facebook. And frankly it was kind of nice to not having people wishing me a happy birthday just because it popped up on Facebook. I kind of just wanted to be wished happy birthday by people who remembered it was my birthday. 

I got happy birthday wishes from my dentist, my acupuncturist, my public library and my eye doctor. So much for only hearing from people who remembered it. Okay my nephew texted me a happy birthday. And of course my wife. One old friend sent me an ecard of Dolly Parton singing me a happy birthday song to the tune of 9 to 5. That was a bit surreal because it was personalized for me. And I didn't even know Dolly Parton knew who I was.

And what does my birthday have to do with an image of an ancient drive in theater at Stonehenge? Absolutely nothing other than I visited Stonehenge about 35 years ago. I just needed some image to post because I've long since gotten past any blog posts that don't have an accompanying image. And the Stonehenge design is pretty random and probably a bit obscure for most people. 

But it is unique like me and it is my birthday. 

I also have started to feel a bit self conscious about every post being about my design storefront. I've been afraid it was starting to get old. But no one has complained. And no one has complained because I'm pretty certain no one is reading any of them but the Google bots and they don't really give a rip about anything they are sent to look at. They are just gathering data for Google.

So the bots don't care that I really have never liked my birthday (though this one has been nicer than most).  Birthdays usually make me want to break into a rendition of Tennessee Ernie Ford's 16 tons and point out that it means very little other than I'm another day older and probably deeper in debt. Though fortunately I don't owe my soul to the company store.

Oh well, the day is almost over. And tomorrow I'll be back to posting about coming up with more designs at 4 a.m. and not being able to fall back asleep because I am anxious to run them by AI Art and co.

Happy Birthday!

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