Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The future is so bright...


Okay, I know for something so bright it is kind of dark. But some people like that kind of thing. I grew up with the threat of nuclear war pretty much common place (remember the Cuban missile crisis?)

Putin tends to threaten using nukes a lot these days too. And we have had umpteen books, movies and television shows dedicated to end of the world scenarios. So why not put one on a t-shirt.

 I actually produced four different versions because you never know which end of days people are going to prefer. 

I only produced one version of this one about wearing sunglasses at night. It's an old Corey Hart song from 1984. I though Corey Hart was pretty cool (for a Canadian). And it was pretty much the only song of his that was a hit. I liked his spikey hair. I tried to get the woman who cut my hair to copy it, but my hair, although abundant, has always been pretty fine and wouldn't spike up anyway.

In retrospect it was the 80s and the 80s isn't known for culture and classic fashion. So it is probably better that I didn't remake myself into Corey Hart.

I did have Ray Ban  sunglasses. But I didn't wear them at night even though I liked the song. 

But I did think my future had the potential to be bright.  But I wore shades because I also wore contacts and they make your eyes really sensitive to light. 

Just not nuke you until you glow light. I don't think sunglasses would help much at that point.

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