Monday, March 25, 2024

In hog heaven (or hell)


I worry about hogs. I suppose I worry about pigs, too, but before this post I didn't know there was any difference between a hog and pig (other than the confusing habit of some people to call their motorcycles hogs). ChatGPT set me straight on the subject. A pig is a young swing, typically less than one year old A hog is a mature swine, usually more than one year old. Both pigs and hogs are used for meat, but hogs can be raised as breeders to produce pigs.

It is a bit more complex than I thought it was. 

But back to why I was worrying about hogs. I read an article the other day that doctors transplanted a genetically altered pig kidney into a human. So since they said pig kidney I should be more worried about pigs than hogs. I just figured that now that pig organs can now be used more reliably as human organ replacements, it doesn't bode well for pigs in general. 

I think hogs have bigger fish to fry (but that is probably another blog post...bigger fish to fry, that is).

But thinking about pig parts made me think of the expressions that we humans use that involve hogs. For example we say somebody is "in hog heaven" when they are experiencing something enjoyable or pleasurable. Apparently we associate hogs being happy when they get lots of food and some warm mud to wallow in. Let's not go into the fact that we are fattening them up to either eat them, produce more pigs or harvest their organs. So they don't really have much to really look forward to. Kind of like happy clams before they are thrown into a pan of boiling water.

So I had my buddy Art AI create a pleasant design of Hog Heaven complete with hog angels (which could theoretically send me to hell). And speaking of hell, if there is a hog heaven, shouldn't there be a hog hell? Which led me back to good old Art AI to illustrate what hog hell must be like.

Considering how humans treat pigs and hogs, hog hell seems a bit more plausible to me than hog heaven. I asked for hog devils and demons and they just look like regular ol' devils and demons to me. I suppose hogs kind of look like the devil anyway. And we seem to associate them with demons. As I recall there was a hog demon in the Amityville Horror story. 

I'm kind of hoping my hog heaven and hell designs will become big sellers in the t-shirt market. I figure most people will want a set and will wear the hog heaven or hog hell t-shirt depending upon their mood for a particular day.  

I think people will go whole hog for the idea (a pun that will likely send me to hell...that and depicting hog angels). 

These are pearls I'm casting out here people.

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