Sunday, March 31, 2024

Poisson d'Avril


I realize April Fool's Day isn't until tomorrow, but no one but the bots read these the day I post them. So I'm getting a jump on the festivities for tomorrow. Not that I tend to play April Fool's jokes. 

Regardless, I vaguely remember researching some of the origins of April Fools Day years ago and discovering that the French call it Poisson d'Avril, or April Fish. It may or may not have something to do with April 1st falling after Easter when Lent ends and the fasting traditionally concluded by eating fish. 

I love the image of the fish as a jester. 

Speaking of jokes and spoofs, I started the day expanding my album collection of the BigBeats, the Bigfoot Beatle's cover band I invented. I wanted to do something in the lines of the White Album. But it would be a stretch to turn it into a t-shirt (unless you just labelled a white t-shirt "the White Album." So I thought maybe the BigBeats would do a black album where all you could see were their eyes, but I think it would have be hard to tell they were Big Foot. So I went for a Gray Album

I think even the Beatles would have been impressed. I realize it is a stretch to sell this design for a t-shirt because you'd have to a) follow my blog or my store and b) get the humor of a Big Foot Beatle's cover band.  Both are kind of a stretch.

I also created a version of Sgt Peppers for the BigBeats over the weekend.

I think Lt. Lemons Solitary Soul Society Band sounds like an album that would sell like hot cakes (though I've never understood why hot cakes would be a big seller other than you have to sell them while they are hot).  

Now lest you think all I have to do is dictate to Art AI to give me a Big Foot cover band knock off of Sgt Peppers and the White Album, it took a zillion repetitions to get ones close to what I wanted and then I had to patch them together using bits and pieces from different designs to land on the one I wanted to load to my store. For example, for the Gray Album I had to cut and paste four different Big Foot faces onto the album background I liked because Art AI couldn't get the concept that I wanted the album cover to have four different big foot. It kept giving me the same big foot face four times.

And the Lt. Lemons album required the same thing. Plus I had to cut and paste the BigBeats written in carnations onto another image. And I had to add umpteen background faces to look kind of like Sgt Peppers. So don't think there is no art in what I do. It's not all about clever slogans, puns and spoofs. It's got to match what I'm picturing in my head before I use it.

So the jokes on you if you think this is easy.

I guess I'm fishing for a compliment.

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