Saturday, March 16, 2024

Talking through a hat


Technically I talk through many hats.Though ChatGPT says talking through your hats describes someone who speaks nonsense or makes unfounded claims (sound like any MAGA presidential candidates you know).  It implies that the person is talking without having any real knowledge or understanding of the subject matter. 

I still don't know how speaking through a hat would convey that.

My point with the many hats concept is that more and more people don't specialize and do multiple things. I've always felt I have done that. The problem is that it reinforces this feeling that I'm good at many things, I'm just not great at them. Which is what this image says to me. It is inspired by the beach vendors you encounter when you spend any amount of time on the beaches in Mexico. There are usually several guys selling hats to protect you from the sun and often the have stacks of the hats on their head or in their hands. They literally wear many hats but I'm pretty sure none of them are the ones they would choose to wear.

I got up pretty early this morning because my wife was taking my daughter to an orchestra workshop about an hour north of our home. They had to be there by 8 a.m. I got up at the same time they did as a show of support. And I have found myself waking up earlier and earlier.

Once they left, I began working on my t-shirt/artwork/coffee cup/magnet/sticker/pillow/poster and tapestry designs. I worked on them off and on most of the day. And I started feeling like I could actually do this as my job (as long as it was just for myself and I had complete license to create whatever I felt like without having to put up with the normal bullshit I do in my real job. Oh, and the other condition is that I don't need to do it to survive.

It makes it a lot easier to wrap your brain around creating stuff if you aren't doing it out of necessity. 

I was concerned when I first started doing this that I would run out of ideas quickly or get burned out. And that may still happen, but so far I have found that I get inspired my many random things.

Like hats.

Oh, and speaking of happy clams, I went ahead and tried out modifying my instructions to the Art AI to add an element of foreshadowing that the happy clam may be headed for an overheated hot tub it wasn't expecting. And I liked the results:

It is pretty amazing that the AI Art thingy can actually take my direction and eventually give me something that matches what is in my head. If you have ever done creative work or advertising you are probably aware of people called Creative Directors. That is what I have fancied myself to have become (or aspired to become) in the work I do for a living after I stopped doing copywriting. My work with AI Art is teaching me that even though you aren't technically physically creating the work, you are still creating it through your direction and vision.

At least that's what I've been telling myself to make me happy.

Why is that pot of water boiling over there?

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