Friday, March 15, 2024

Happy talkee, happy talk, talk, talk

 I will be the first one to admit that this happy clam image is pretty darned creepy. You should have seen some of the other versions AI Art dropped on me. But they are a far cry from the original Are Clams Really Happy image I posted in 2006 (which was one of my most popular posts. 

And this clam looks real happy. I toyed with asking AI Art to include someone in a chef's uniform in the background boiling a big pot of water just to add a little plot twist to the whole thing (and I may still do that).  The beauty of having a tshirt design storefront is that I can plaster as many designs as I want out there. It doesn't cost me anything.

So far it hasn't earned me much of anything either.

In the post I brought up other sayings that imply how happy people are.  One of them was this really obscure one that came out of Australia or New Zealand: "We would be happy as Larry if it were not for the rats." That's a puzzler. But that didn't stop me from having AI Art create this:

I have to say I really love it. ChatGPT was able to shed some light on what the phrase actually mean: "In essence, the phrase is used to highlight a contrast between a desired state of happiness and the reality of an unwanted or troublesome situation, such as dealing with pests like rats. It's often used humorously to acknowledge life's imperfections and the unexpected challenges that can arise." Got to love ChatGPT.

Larry does look a bit too happy surrounded by rats that also seem to have mutated in the AI Art process. But I really like the outcome. I would wear this tshirt despite the potential looks it would get.

I do have to say that as I revisit old blog posts from 20 years ago, I am starting to feel less enamored with the quality of stuff I thought I was producing. I am feeling self conscious and a bit embarrassed about what I thought was funny at the time. Even the puns seem forced and stale.

Could this be why my blog never took off?

Larry says, "Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." I'm not sure what the rats think though.

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