Thursday, March 28, 2024

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit


I have always been a sucker for what I assume are Southern colloquialisms. Like "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit." It expresses surprise, wonder and an opportunity to talk about putting butter on your butt without be thought a pervert.

My favorite colloquialism in the same vein is "Well smack my ass and call me Sally." I think I first saw it on a a hot sauce label in New Orleans. The "Smack my ass and call me Sally" hot sauce also had a companion hot sauce called, "The second smacking." If I wasn't creating great art for t-shirts and coffee mugs, I would probably be creating hot sauce labels.

The problem with trying to convince Art AI to create a design using "Well smack my ass and call me Sally" was trying to keep it PG and not get too much into the smacking of asses realm. So I tried the safe route with asking it to show a Jack Ass that was getting smacked on the ass instead of a person. But apparently "smacking" is not a word Art AI really understands and it kept creating images of mutant hands with six or seven fingers and a grinning Jack Ass with really big testicles. 

I try to keep my t-shirt designs pretty tame so I didn't want to go down the path of a Jack Ass with big balls being smacked on the ass by a six-fingered person. It reeked too much of a sleazy stage show in Tijuana. Eventually I arrived at a design that did the phrase justice without getting me in trouble with animal rights people.

Now that is one fine ass if I do say so myself. 

I did create a kind of off color design with an idea I had for a stand up egg comedian.

I am really kind of proud of it in an embarrassed kind of way. It's got your dad joke humor with some sophomoric dirty joke stuff thrown in. The egg comedian kind of reminds me of George on Seinfeld. But that wasn't by design. And George never did stand up so the intellectual property police can just relax. 

I didn't intend to egg them on about it though.

I think I may do a whole line of Egg Yolks. I'll have to scramble tomorrow to come up with some more. I'm afraid they won't go over very easy though. 

I am so ashamed.

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