Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Marching orders


I can't even tell you what the hourly rate for marching to the beat of a different plumber costs, especially nights, weekends and holidays (when most plumbing problems happen).  I thought the "wearing clogs" line was a nice touch. I toyed with including an image of a clog (shoe, not drain) but I'm getting more and more sensitive to intellectual property bullshit. A plunger is a plunger and there isn't much in the way of intellectual property other than, "That's my plunger, it's got my name on it."

The beet design is a bit more esoteric and might confuse a few people who don't know what the hell borscht is. I kind of have an affinity for beets. My mom gave me a packet of beet seeds when I was a kid. I planted them and actually grew some beets. As a food, I think they are a bit disgusting but they have their place in the food chain.

I also liked that Tom Robbins featured beets in his novel, Jitterbug Perfume. It has been a long time since I read the book, but I seem to recall he suggests the beet was a divine vegetable and a symbol of immortality, rebirth, sex and passion. Tom Robbins has a tendency to make such broad, random and quirky pronouncements. 

So the beet shirt has a special meaning to me (beyond the $2 I could get if I sell a t-shirt with the design). I still can't stomach the things.

Finally, I came up with this design about 5 a.m. this morning.  Most of my design ideas come from thinking of words that rhyme with other words in recognizable phrases, songs or sayings. This one reflects the many eye rolls I've seen from my own children at what they call my "dad jokes."  These are usually followed by a mumbled, "That's not funny."

I would wear this shirt proudly.  Maybe I should start a "gofundme" account to order my t-shirts for myself. The challenge will be (other than getting anyone to donate to such a thing...and they donate to more outlandish things) would be getting around my wife's eye rolls about me having too many t-shirts and suggesting I need to get rid a one for every one I acquire.

Pause for a climactic lugubrious howl.

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