Friday, May 27, 2005

Blue blazes...

It's a hot time in Seattle, I tell you. The thermometer is pushing into the 90s. And the people of the Pacific Northwest are not people who deal well with temperatures above 65 degrees. Shoot normally the only people who wear shorts here are the ones who work for (they are the same ones who can't accept that ponytails were never a particularly good look on a man). But let the temperature rise a bit here and everyone turns into Jimmy Buffet and starts dressing like we live in the tropics.

And I know it is trite to talk about the weather. But it's not like I'm running around shouting at people, "Is it hot enough for you?" I'm just trying to share with you a little bit of what is going on in my little corner of the world. So back off, okay?

Sorry, but I mainly mention the heat because it made it difficult for me to sleep last night. My bedroom is upstairs and I've been too lazy to put the air conditioner back in the window. It is sitting on my bedroom floor where I placed it when I took it out of the window last fall. This is one of my quirks. I tend to leave a lot of things exactly where they lay until I get sick of tripping over them. I imagine Tess will break me of this habit. Or I will break a leg and be a bit more aware of my surroundings.

But I am a Pisces and Pisces tend to have their head in the clouds a great deal of the time anyway. Einstein was a Pisces and most of us have heard the stories about how he could be very forgetful. For example, I've heard he would sometimes forget to go to the bathroom and just drop a load in his pants. So I guess geniuses and some of the people who use public transit have something in common.

Not that I think I am a genius. But I do tend to make it to the bathroom more often than not. Which is another bummer about having an upstairs bedroom and a downstair bathroom. Sometimes it is quite the challenge at 3 a.m. to maneuver in the dark past the air conditioner sitting on the floor to the stairs, avoid stepping on the cat who likes to sleep next to the heat vent built into the stairs (unless it is hot and then she likes to sleep on my head) and make it to the bathroom.

Our next house will have a bathroom on the same floor as the bedroom. I'm not getting any younger.

Though when I was a boy, I thought it would be cool to live in a house that had an upstairs. The house I grew up in had the main floor and a partial basement. Eventually my mom turned the basement into a bedroom for my two older brothers. The basement originally had an outside entrance, so it was kind of like giving them their own apartment. But it didn't have a bathroom. Eventually I got the basement when they moved out. Then I had to deal with the hundred yard dash upstairs through the cold to the toilet. Then mom added on to the house with the money she got from selling my grandmother's house for a stinking $6,000. The addition included making the entrance to the basement inside. Still there were stairs.

So this deal with having to navigate stairs to make it to the bathroom has pretty much been an issue for my most of my life. Even when I was in college and lived in the dorm, I was in the room farthest from the men's room. But I had a sink and a window, so there were late night options.

Did I mention it is hot in Seattle today?

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