Monday, June 06, 2005

Drinking Stuff -> Apparel -> Hats -> Coors Original...

Drinking Stuff -> Apparel -> Hats -> Coors Original...

Okay, I'm googling along as I am wont to do at any given time of the day when the urge hits me. I've finished looking up Frida Kahlo to find her self-portrait with the monkeys (the Monkey Playing Cymbals put me up to was a bet if you have to know). Anyway I find the image and then just to show you how random things happen, I typed in "Whack Job." This led me to where they indeed had several definitions for the term "whack job."

So, on the same page is a random link to a place called where their motto is "everything but the booze." And from there I discover a variety of cowboy hats fashioned from actual beer cases. I'm not kidding. The ad reads:
Our Beer Hats are made from actual beer cases! They are machine stitched,durable, water resistant, adjustable to fit any size head and best of all, a great conversation piece!! Our Beer Hats are great for any cowboy or cowgirl who loves their drinking or for someone who just needs a great party hat. So come check out the latest craze!
I'm sorry, but my definition of someone wearing a beer case on their head takes us back to the original definition of "whack job" I was looking up on Seeing someone wearing a Coors beer case on their head would just fill me with the uncontrollable urge to approach them and say, "Your name must be Richard, because when I saw you I immediately thought you looked like a Dick."

Of course this would like lead to much spewing of beer and gnashing of teeth, but I've never been good at suppressing my opinions.

But what did I expect from a Web site called "" And right under the beer case hat you can find an ad for your very own "removeable stripper pole." Yes, you too can gyrate and spin in the privacy of your own home for $299 plus $100 shipping.

And then there is their extensive selection of beer bongs along with a "Bad news about beer bongs" disclaimer that:
Due to uncontrollable and extensive problems with our supplier, we’ll probably be out of most beer bongs for a while. We know this is disappointing, especially to those of you who have contacted us and have been waiting for a while. The good news is, there’s always hard alcohol.
Hey kiddos, you don't need a beer bong to have fun. Learn to shotgun those puppies like everyone else.

I for one am proud to be an American.

Bless you Google for opening up a whole new world to me.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, shotgunning beers. Forgot about that. Thanks for another whack to the memory dispenser.

Time said...

Always happy to tap into a dead synapse trail!


Naughti Biscotti said...

My job is totally getting in the way of reading my favorite blogs. I've resorted to printing them out hardcopy so I can read them later. But then...I don't post my initial reaction to what I've read. Which is what just happened. Okay...i'm going to read it again. I'll be right back.