Monday, November 06, 2006

Pumpkin update: Squirrel attack

I came home this evening and discovered a squirrel had gone medieval on my self-portrait jack-o-lantern. This is the first time in all of the years I've been carving pumpkins that I've ever seen anything like this.

Perhaps my face just enraged the squirrel. I sometimes have that effect on people. Or I suppose the squirrel could have mistaken the pumpkin for Richard Roundtree, Silent Bob or Dom DeLuise and flew into a rabid rage. Others made that mistake when they first saw it.

Maybe the squirrel was just jealous of my artwork and like most critics, defaced it rather than accept my genius.

Or he was pretty hungry.

Regardless, I'm more than just a little nervous about stepping outside and having a crazed squirrel leap on me and start gnawing on my face thinking I'm a pumpkin. Or worse yet, he could go for my nuts.

Oh come on, I'm talking about the bag of peanuts I sometimes keep in my pocket.

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