Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blown away

It wasn't bad enough we had floods and record rain fall in November followed by freezing temperatures and snow. Now we are having rain and wind storms with 65 mph wind gusts. We went to the Seahawks game against the San Francisco 49ers tonight. It was interesting watching Hasselbeck pass into a 65 mph headwind while the stadium flooded.

They lost.

The real bummer about weather in Seattle is that no matter what it is, it somehow manages to knock a tree down onto power lines. Nothing like a power outage in the dead of winter. The lights in Qwest Field were evening flickering.

I think someone is trying to tell the residents of the Puget Sound Region something (like we are cursed).


Anonymous said...

Who won?

JP (mom) said...

You and FP were on the same wavelength yesterday! Of course, how could you not be with this blustery weather. Love the first pic in your post - very cool. TimId goes avant garde! JP

Time said...

Whitesnake, Not the Seahawks.

JP, I kind of like the second photo. Nothing like standing on a flooded football field in the rain!

Hayden said...

whitesnake - WE won! GO 49ers!

Hey tim, glad you lost (erhm, well, glad we won anyway) but the weather! Luckily, the 49ers probably felt right at home. Hope you're dry, warm and have power.

Tornados in London, storms in Washington... oh, wait. aren't there ALWAYS storms in Washington? I'm confused...

Anonymous said...

It could have been worse, Tim. A dense fog bank could have rolled into the stadium, out of which came ghost pirates who slaughtered everyone in the stadium. Seems there's always a horror movie out about people in that area being cursed with something or another.......

Time said...

Hayden, We won't speak of this again... the 49ers that is.:( We do have power (or did when I came to work this morning). The sun is out and it is as if nothing happened. Seattle has storms, but not usually ones with 69 mph winds.

Lights, yes that was the only game we planned to go to. Anymore I'm content to watch them on the big screen from the comfort of my favorite chair.

THE Michael, That is kind of what happened, but they only slaughtered the Seahawks.

Anonymous said...

You went to a Seahawks game in this weather? Did you learn nothing from last week's Seahawks game? I'm still kind of chuckling that it took the governor five hours to get home. That's a shame of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Bummer... that does not even sound like fun. But then, how would i know... You do have a smile on Your face it appears.
(((hugs))) for You and Your Seahawks Tim.

Footpad said...

Hey, Tim, we don't need to worry about anything... least until Mt. Rainer blows.

And, given the winter we've had so far, that'll happen just after the earthquake.

-- f

Hayden said...

the 49ers as ghost pirates? I'd have thought you'd notice that they're pretty corporeal.... nothing ghost-like about them. but ... mumms the word.

glad to see your blog back... yesterday there was only gobbledegook on the screen... I thought "and I complain about beta?"

Time said...

I wouldn't miss a chance to see Cirque De Seahawks at halftime. It really didn't take us long to get home. The governor had to make it back to Olympia.

The sunami will likely quench Mt Rainier if it blows.

Once again I must say we don't talk about the 49ers here. And perhaps the gobbley gook was my latest post. It's hard to tell. :)