Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Why I like kimchi stew

I order the #10, the kimchi stew, with sticks, to go. I order it with the kimchi, not the salad. It's made to order so it takes a little longer, but it is worth it.

The less adventurous order the spicy chicken or pork. It's more like teriyaki and makes them feel more comfortable. But I like the kimchi stew. It's very hot. It's hot as in temperature hot and hot as in spicy, burn through your bowels hot. You know you are alive when you eat kimchi stew.

It it is red like a chile pepper explosion. It has shreds of pork and cubes of tofu. And of course there is kimchi. Kimchi is cabbage with a hot Korean attitude.

And there is the kimchi on the side. I like it, too. I like eating it with chop sticks and chasing it down with a swig of the scalding stew. It opens my senses and my pores.

I like kimchi stew.

But I'm not sure it likes me.
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