Monday, February 19, 2007

Where in the world...

It is Tess' mid-winter break and we are travelling. We took a redeye out of Seattle on Saturday night and arrived at our destination Sunday at about 12:30 p.m. Other than sleeping through the inflight movie (How to eat fried worms) in between being woken up by flight attendants who insisted we take juice or water, the flights were uneventful.

I am now a foreign correspondent for Dizgraceland. I am amazed that no matter where you are in the world you can very likely get an Internet connection and blog. So here I am sitting in our room blogging.

But this is no travelogue. Suffice it to say, we are in some place much warmer than Seattle and you can lay by the outdoor pool in comfort (which we did). I looked up from my lounge chair and this statue was peering down at me.

Since I am on a vacation of sorts, I probably won't be Photoshopping my face on anything for the week. Besides after responding to a request by "Tia" and "Cara" to Photoshop my face onto a chihuahua I feel as if I may have fallen victim to a cruel prank by my enemies to lure me into a false sense of security by preying on my ego and making me think there were others out there who really do appreciate the fine art of Photoshopping your face onto things. I don't think there ever was a "Tia" and "Cara."

I'm not naming names, but I think it could be a dirty trick by one of the denizens of another land that hates ice cream in response to an ice scream that was heard throughout their land. Or it could have been someone who likes sock monkeys but hates the Beatles. Or it could have been any number of drunken bloggers who wanted to mess with me.

But then again I am a paranoid cuss. I won't worry about it today, though. I'll worry about when I get back from vacation and return to Dizgraceland.


Whitesnake said...

Don't happy....we're still here and loving every minute you away....
Oh sorry I mean we miss ya every minute ya away...Or was that the minute you were away we missed ya...or maybe we missed ya when you were here but now your away we will be a minute..........

Wanna borrow me Tardis?

Anonymous said...

How many people do you know who love sock monkeys but hate the Beatles? Because it surely couldn't be ME you're talking about. I would never bait you into Photoshopping your face onto anything. Well, except that one portrait of the sock monkey with the fetching nipples. But that was a one time deal. I swear.

Hope you're having a lovely vacation. Don't get sunburned.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for a Timified Hedgehog but I'm a patient woman and you and Tess deserve a photoshop free holiday...... Have a pina colada for me by the pool.

Hayden said...

humm, now that you mention it, it does have prank written all over it, you legend you! if so, you one-upped them with the pug. that was priceless.

Anonymous said...

If it was a prank, I am consistently dumbfounded as to how others seem to find the time to tend to meaningless tasks and I have to literally pencil myself in for a bathroom break.

People with small minds do small things. This one shall pass.

Time said...

No thanks, my name is Time, after all.

I would never talk about you, regardless of your penchant for monkey sock porn.

Madame Butterfly, "Timified." I like that. We'll see what I can do when we return.

Hayden, A game of "I see your chihuaha and raise you a pug," eh?

Miss Bliss, the same way I find to write in this blog, another meaningless yet comforting task :)

Naughti Biscotti said...

Considering that I have baited you more than once to photoshop your face onto various objects, I wouldn't be surprised if you thought it was me. It wasn't however. Is it so hard to believe you have fans out there? Word gets round you know. You may have your own underground cult following who ... wait... maybe it was the monkey who started the prank. Afterall, it was his blog they left the comment on right?

Have a great vacation Tim.

Alex Pendragon said...

This brings the concept of paranoia to a whole new level. Let it go and enjoy your vacation. I'm sure pugs the world over are resting easy.

Anonymous said...

A vacation? Even a vacation of sorts needs defined for me. Looks heavenly, have fun.

Footpad said...

No, Tim. If it was a prank, I'm sure the request would have been to Photoshop your face onto the other end of the chihuahua.

Rest up. Pay no attention to the funny noises coming from home.

-- f

Time said...

I toyed with the idea that you and cousin Teri went to Chipoltes and got liquored up and decided to mess with poor Tim Elvis. Then I figured you didn't really need a secret identity to mess with Tim Elvis. I don't think the monkey has the wits about him to think of such a plot, though.

m. who told you I was paranoid?

Kat, we are having a great time, thanks.

FP, Good point. If it had been Kristy she would have suggested putting my face on a dog's butt, not it's head. And other's I'm sure would have suggested a horses ass. Wouldn't that have been a paradox?

Lights, Very astute weed hopper. I'll give you a hint, it's not Detroit. And I'll wave a flag if you hit on the correct country.

Footpad said...

Well, given that the first photo shows a flag with two vertical stripes flanking a white one with a funny golden splotch in the middle, I'm guessing Guatemala.

-- f