Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dear Tim_Id:

I am in receipt of your whiny letter of July 9. Thank you for your interest in communicating with your blog. Your letter will be filed with the rest of your whiny letters about your age, your weight, the economy, your paranoia and your lack of the ability to interact with people (you were pretty dead on with that one, by the way...after all you are writing to your blog as if it were a human).

In the interest of full disclosure, we generally only accept blog posts that are on a particular topic or describing some amusing anecdote from your life. We realize that you have likely exhausted your amusing anecdote supply and will accept letters to your blog as a temporary measure until you get your shit together.

In the meantime I want to take this opportunity to thank you for using It is bloggers like you that make the blog community what it is.


Your Blog

I am fine.


Karen said...

Wait up...who's fine? You or your blog?

Time said...

You'll have to ask the blog, it was it's letter.