Friday, July 25, 2008

Note to self

Note to self: Flesh out a synapsis for Dirty Harry, the Musical and submit to some big Hollywood studio. Also shoot off a query letter to the FOX network for a reality program about casting for Dirty Harry, the Musical. Both projects reek of major dough, ray for me

Note to self: Figure out how to launch Dizgraceland, the podcast.

Note to self: Remember to learn to play the banjo.

Note to self: Trim eyebrows.

Note to self: Unpack and organize my animal skull collection that has been in boxes in the garage for three years.

Note to self: Figure out a way to keep my wife from disposing of my animal skull collection (if she already hasn't).

Note to self: Hire someone to do my day job at half the salary. I would keep collecting the paychecks, pay the surrogate and collect half my salary without working. I could even get several jobs, do the same thing and make major bucks without working a lick. And no, this isn't a pyramid scheme.

Note to self: Create a broom with bristles made out of double-sided tape. This puppy would pick up everything.

Note to self: Figure out how to get dirt out of double-sided tape broom.

Note to self: Think of a way to keep the millions of people who read my blog from stealing my great "note to self" ideas and reminders (though if anyone wants to trim my eyebrows that would be cool).

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