Friday, March 25, 2005

Miracle whip

Having grown out of religious inclinations after I turned 16 (and met my first girlfriend), I still am drawn to iconic religious imagery. I took this photo just inside St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. It was a peaceful image despite the fact that just outside the door in Jackson Square, Lucky Dog vendors, mimes and tarot card readers were going about their daily business of raking in tourist dollars. Not to be outdone, you could purchase votive candles in the St. Louis Cathedral to add to this shrine.
And speaking of iconic religious imagery (and since this is Easter), check out a miracle of mega proportions at Shandi's hilarious blog, "Portrait of a closet smart-ass." She has an eerie photo of Jesus living in her basement in 1974. I haven't been this excited since someone sent me a photo of Elvis' image in a meat case in Australia.
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