Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Blogging isn't just for kids

I was watching the news last night about an 18 year old that killed his girlfriend's parents and ran off with their 16 year old daughter. Police chased them across country and finally caught them. But the reporter was making a big deal about both teenagers had blogs "as many teenagers do these days." They even interviewed a psychologist that said blogs were popular with teenagers because they used them to help establish their identity.

The good news is that they didn't blame blogging for the kid killing two people. The bad news is that the implication is that I, a middle-aged man am engaged in a phenomenon primarily viewed as a teenaged hobby.

Well, I'm here to tell you that that point of view sucks. I may not be a hormone driven adolescent blogging about the agony of having achne and not going to the prom, but I have just as much right to have a blog as they do. When will people stop thinking that once you turn 40 your primary activities should be adding roughage to your diet and thinking about death?

I think I have much more important things to say at 47 then I did at 17. Okay, I admit, I did spend a great deal of time in earlier blog entries writing about chopping wood, but it was a Zen thing. I've got news for you teenagers, one you don't know everything and all of those profound questions you are asking are the same ones every generation asks. And you're not likely to come any closer to the answers either...until you hit the downhill slide into your twilight years.

So ha!

But I must go for now. I think I'm starting to break out and I've got to do something about this major zit on my nose.
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